Novan and Nova


The twins are pretty close, rarely ever seen apart. Where one goes, the other is likely to follow. 


Who Am I...

Novan {No-vin} and Nova {No-vuh} are twins.

Romantic Interests

Novan; Men, gay. || Nova; Men, straight.

Relationship Status

Both are single.

My Appearance



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Novan stands at 6’3 and holds a pale skin-tone. His hair is usually always a scruffy and untidy mess, crimson in color. His right eye is a bright red, while the other is pale gold with a black schlera. His attire often consisting of dark greys, blacks, and dark blues/reds. Don’t get upset if he’s rude or cold towards you, he’s really only nice to his sister.






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Nova stands at a petite height of 5’2, being rather small and holding delicate features. Her skin-tone is pale, just as her brothers. Her hair holds the same slightly messy-look that Novan’s does, except is longer and a different color than his. While his is red, hers is a blue-green. Her eyes are a bright sea-green with a slight hint of blue.


While she isn’t cold towards people as her brother is, she’s shy and quiet at first. However, she does warm up to you and when she does, she’s caring and soft-hearted.