Kaler Eland

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Species: Alien, Solarian (OC Kryptonian-esque)
Age: Around 16-18 (Mental and Physical age-locked), about 34/ish (Real age)

Height: 6’0 even
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight


Is he a Hero? Sort of. Is he an Alien? To this world yes. Is he wholesome? By gods he embodies this. A slightly autistic Alien of a similar species to Kryptonians, hailing from a world long since trapped in a barren Universe, deleted off of the Universal plain. His first main home was an Earth from yet another of the Multiverses worlds, which housed a nexus known as “Neko’s Gate”, where he had joined a Guild formed by two others, who eventually led themselves here with him after their lands of old became silent, void of creativity if one would call it that. As of now, he’s the last original member left who has remained alive and thriving on Hellifyno, though he’s made friends with people from this world, and intends to do all he can to protect his new home, Twine, and to live on through the hardships; at least he hopes so.

With the Christmas season over, Kaler is in another mix of spirits to say the least. He’s managed to have spent an alright Christmas, his first ever, with the citizens of Twine in fact, and there’s the promise of Space colonisation soon; that’s something Kaler has always wanted to become a reality, and he’s already self-prepared for Space. On the downside, he’s felt more so alone than usual, coupled to how quick one of his friends, Anthem, died after beating the enemy they were to tackle together with friends not a day later. And with space adventures on the way, Kaler will have to try to stay strong for Twine in the great beyond to come.

Main Prowess:
Kryptonian Biology, Which includes all the core aspects minus the Kryptonite weakness. Iconic ones are below, and rest are on that link.
Supernatural Condition (III) <–(All of the applications that Kryptonians have)
Heat Vision
Energy Regeneration
Flight (Supernatural)
Cold Breath


All other abilities:
Solar Manipulation (Most of the key aspects to certain degrees)
Esoteric Sun Manipulation (A few traits that could relate to Escanor from Seven Deadly Sins)

Electromagnetism Manipulation
^EM Spectrum Manipulation
Fire Manipulation
^Heat Manipulation
Gravity Manipulation
Miniature Solar Winds/Flares
Nuclear Manipulation
Plasma Manipulation
Radiation Manipulation
Solar Attacks
Solar Constructs
Solar Energy Manipulation
Solar Energy Absorption
Solar Generation
Solar Immunity
Solar Solidification
Esoteric Sun Generation
Pure Solar Manipulation
Star Creation

Electricity Generation via converting Solar Energy.
Heliokinetic Combat
Solar Augmentation
Solar Empowerment
Solar Aura
Solar Healing
Solar Negation
Solar Physiology
Solar Vision
Supernova Inducement
Day Empowerment

Unique/Special abilities:
Anti-Magic – Magic Negation

Emotional Inducement
Emotional Empowerment
^Calmness Empowerment
^Hope Empowerment
^Positive Emotion Empowerment

Focus Empowerment

Hyperspace/FTL Travel


The other abilities he has, as well as simplified versions of some of the ones above, and better explanations for others, can be found here:
=-Sun Boi’s Powers-=

The skills he has directly correlate to 3 main factors. It can be limited by either:
-Poor Atmospheric quality via heavy pollution in the air or lack of fresh Oxygen and air, though he doesn’t /need/ Oxygen to live
-High levels of Gravity, though can manage to push through sometimes if given enough will power/focus/energy
-The availability of regular supplies of Sunlight/Solar Radiation/Solar Energies, magic or normal. If none available, he can collect enough to remain active through Hydrogen absorption, and Nuclear Fusion on a cellular level.

Within all of this, Kaler is still training his wider depth of field in Solar Manipulation; so far he can only accomplish basics and lightly advanced methods.

[PS: Please do not Metagame by using this info as if you already know everything about my char, thanks]



The boy has a very calm personality for the most part. In times when it’s needed, he can be mostly headstrong, hopeful, creative, and true on justice. Most of the time, he’s seen as rather laid back, lazy, or adventurous and free, always willing to explore new places. Regardless of these, he is Autistic. ADHD + Aspergers effect him, even if he’s an Alien, and thus he’s often rather timid and shy, /especially/ around women.

He hates thoughts of discrimination, such as people shaming Demons simply because they’re born to be Sinful things, when in reality a lot of kind Demons exist. He would fight and speak out to protect those if he found the right people and the courage. A negative aspect of his personality on a mental level is his current innocence. He’s often discouraged by gruesome things, gore etc, and can be easily confused due to his nature as a kind, trying-to-be forgiving person.

A nice part of his personality due to things above, is his taking to Xenophillia. He enjoys meeting people of different and varied species; he doesn’t hate Humans, but finds living on Earth so long compared to this place quite boring. He wishes to meet lots of new, wonderful, colourful, and just outright cool new people.


Some talents:

Piano Playing: Kaler can, surprisingly, play the Piano with surprising efficiency and movements. He’s always been a fan of the older, classic songs, some along the lines of Blues music, and ones akin to ‘Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . ” The Entertainer ” (1902)’, simply due to how calming some of them can be; they also evoke a nice sense of nostalgia within him.


Who Am I...

A young, autistic male of extraterrestrial origin; the last of his kind in the multiverse.

Romantic Interests

Aheh, it's….it's complicated to be fair. He is straight, into older women as well, or, ones who are more mature than his current "immature" self so he says.

Relationship Status

Currently Single, and confused

My Story Is...

Some time in the past, say, 70 years ago to date currently, Kaler’s own home world was on the absolute brink. The once peaceful race of Solarians, with their high adept qualities of understanding Emotions, were torn apart by a lengthy waging war of language, bickering over where they should go, what they should do. In a span of only a few months close to a year after Kaler was born, his world was prepping to blow, due to the effects of the wars on the Planet’s Core. His parents, desperate to keep at least part of the lineage intact, sent Kaler away in a space-pod, able to travel at quite heavy speeds, but not pure light speed. As Kaler was jettisoned into the unknown, behind him, the Planet collapsed, and the Solarians that remained, were all one with their Star once more…

20 years of space travel goes by, as Kaler sits in the pod in a infant state, kept static in a form of hyper-sleep. However, it would not be his original universe, but the universe of Earth, that he would end up inhabiting, as his craft fell through a distortion in space, sending him from the mana-less realm of his Planet, to the Magic-filled haven of the Milky Way(?). His parents, however, had half-planned it, finding a very suitable planet across from the ridge, thanks to long-term surveillance. And so, the pod continued its trip through the stars, before winding up on the Human planet of Earth, after a lengthy 20 year flight.It so happened that said pod was, for the most part, kept secret in its landing, due to the terrible quality of Britain’s weather (mocking-intended), and landed in a field in Oxfordshire. There, the boy was found, kept secret, and taken care of by a caring, older family of 2 elderly folk, and for the rest of his life until around 16, he was raised and loved by them like their own.

They eventually told him about his lineage, and he agreed, after some confused talk and bashfulness about being Autistic and an Alien, to keep his powers under the radar for the time being. However, a year after turning 16, he realised along with a private consultant at a Doctors, that he were to remain 16 for the rest of his life. Shortly after, his parents passed away. With nowhere proper to stay, but thanks in part to his newfound strength, Kaler set out to explore the world on his own, and explore he did, reaching out to the many corners of Earth, and keeping himself looking like a Human the rest of the time.Eventually, through getting Jobs such as Engineering, and acting out as a Hero at certain intervals, Kaler went off to explore once more, and wound up in the Magical realm of the “Neko’s Gate” (, where he began to understand just how varied the world really was. Here, he met his 2 companions for most future adventures: Lime the Undying, and Neko. They formed a small Guild together, before deciding they needed to leave for better lands, and so they departed off into the rifts, to Hellifyno…

-Kaler reads through the script again-“…Well, I think that’s that for now, heh…”

My Appearance

Dis wan was by Curry! #MakeCurryRolapagesSponsor -w-

Dis wan was a sketch by BeggER! My first arts, thanks Begg! *Teacups* uwu

And dis wan was by Marius! Special thanks to Lily for requesting him to do one! <3

Kaler is a rather tall boy, coming in at an even 6 Feet, making him a rather curious sight amongst most others. His physique is that of a fairly well defined jawline, gently firm eyebrows, and dazzlingly flowing golden irises, with a bed of Snow-white/silver hair covering his scalp. His skin, all over, is a sort of semi-pale, semi-tanned shade, as he takes in Solar energy readily, it both broadens his skin, and keeps it almost baby soft, in a way. His muscles aren’t ripped, nor 100% super defined, however they are noticeable, and he makes up for his lack of “visible” strength, with his “physical” strength. His attire always consists of the same 3 pieces of clothing, almost 100% of the time: Black T-shirt with Sun Symbol on the chest, Black/Grey Trousers, and Blue Trainers.



He generally carries not much around with him, at least not yet. Sometimes he’s seen with a small black shoulder-bag, used for carrying the few items he’s picked up from a few quests or gained from friends. His current inventory of items are:


Cloak of Invisibility:


Related image(No proper image, so using the Harry Potter one for reference)

This was obtained from a rewarding chest found after the defeat of the Lancer Class Card, Vlad the Impaler. A cloak of magical origins, when worn not surrounding the users body or just in general, it has a strange space-like pattern to its outside, with mixes of blues, beige’s and darker blacks and browns, whilst the inside is soft and velvet, purple in colour.

Abilities: Allows the user to become fully invisible to the mind, eyes, and senses.


Duration: 2 hours.


Recharge: Place in the light of morning dew, just as the Sun rises over the horizon.


Gem of True Seeing:
Related image

This was obtained in a similar way to the previous task, this time after defeating the Shield Maidens of the Shielder Class Card. A strange, magical see-through gem of unknown origins, it has a strange, white and see-through colouration to it, with obvious visible shades yet oddly and almost perfectly transparent.

Abilities: When held up to either eye, it emits a white glow and allows True Sight; the user can see through any darkness; even magic; see through illusions, and into the Etheral Plane.


Duration: 10 minutes.


Recharge: Anywhere for 10 equal minutes.


Advanced Atmospheric-suit:
Image result for tron suit(picture is the style/looks; doesn’t come with the disc)

This equipment was gifted to him by the friendly Kurai Kishimoto, when he and another went on a small Space Mission. |The suit is a deep jet-black, with lengthy lines of tech and energy in the shade of his characteristic gold/yellow Solar Energy. It’s skin-tight, and has the feeling of a strange metallic yet flexible fibre. On the right wrist lies a small, oval pad of sorts. This contains a small circular button which responds, currently, only to his fingerprint, which activates the suit to simply fabricate over his body. It also contains a small circular holo-pad.

Abilities: Miniature high-powered computer, respiratory systems, biological healing and self-repairing nano-machines, high density light-weight mesh form, able to withstand super high/low temperatures, and a hefty portion of damage too (Self-made enhancements).


Sun Sword


This special sword was given to Kaler by his friend, Anthem L. Kishimoto, during a Birthday Party held for his other friend Cheyenne. This weapon comes as a hilt; only upon the host wielder speaking the trigger phrase can the Sun-Gold blade be brought into life. This weapon is a metallic hilt, and a mystical, esoteric blade, capable of being used much like a Lightsaber in one way, able to melt through objects and cut down things just as easily. It’s able to do successfully good damage against Undead creatures. Since bonding with the weapon, Kaler’s own energy has resonated within it, allowing him to use it as a channel for his powers.

Abilities: Ability Focus; Channelled Solar Manipulation (+Esoteric) from his own pool, much like Thor channels his abilities through Mjolnir. Damages undead enemies well.


He also now has a newly acquired Pet/Companion:

This is Solis (latin for “Sun”), a Solar Flare Dragon native of the Grimvale Islands, and given to Kaler by Abel Cross to be his new companion. Solis (male) shares similar Solar traits to Kaler, and is attracted to warm things, making him feel secure whenever he’s around the Solarian. His body can radiate Solar Energy, withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees in Fahrenheit, and can form his body into a blaze of flames, just like that of a Solar Flare, but less devastating unless need be. He is still a smol hatchling though.


My Secrets Are...

Not many, but he does have a thing for taller people, specifically women. Adding to this, he never had a proper mother-son maternal bond before; as such, the innocent within him longs for that sort of comfort one day, despite his age.

I Believe...

that all beings deserve a choice, and to live away from tyranny & evil.