Orik Godslayer

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Who Am I...

Orik was the Champion of the Norse god Odin, chosen to slay the rest of all Gods and their Champions

Romantic Interests

Strong Women

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Imagine a world where all religions revered Gods were real. That was the case in Oriks dimension. All Gods were engaged in a bloody war with no end. As they all realized their subjects were dying they decided they would all pick one human to be their Champion. They would get three blessings and one item from their god. All the Champions would meet at Blood Mountain and battle to the death. Orik had been a blacksmith, supplying weapons to the Norse army before this pact was made and desperately wanted to join the fight but could not due to his position. Eventually Orik was chosen by Odin and was given Odins dead sons hammer Mjolnir. His blessings were that of godly strength, speed, and luck. Orik destroyed all of the Gods Champions one by one. When he asked Odin what he should do next he was given the task to kill all Gods. It took some time but after three years he had succeed in his task. He killed Ra, Zeus, God, Knushu, every God from every religion. When he came back to Odin he was ambushed by the very god he served. Using the might he was granted he fell Odin and took his power. Orik is still a human but a very strong one and a force to be reckoned with. After tossing Odins head in a fire Orik had learned he had the power to jump between dimensions. Using this power he has jumped to many killing all Gods, sparing only the purest of them all. Usually you can find Orik in the nearest tavern.

My Appearance

Orik was very tall standing at 6’4. He has a long dirty blond beard, a very stout muscular body and hazel eyes. He wears armor with Norse symbols covering it. He has a large greatword slung across his back and Mjolnir at his side.


Mjolnir, his greatsword Zar’Roc, Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, and many other things he kept a surprise.

My Secrets Are...

You would have to have been very close to Orik to know any secrets of his.

I Believe...

When I once crossed paths with Orik and asked him what he believed in he said "Son, belief is something I cast aside a long time ago. But i suppose if I were to believe in anything it would be that you can make your own destiny. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is set in stone. You can always change your fate, for your choices decide your future and others as well."