Orion Valentine X Other (Consequence Clone Army)

Who Am I...

Whoever I wanna be.

My Story Is...

Background: Since birth all the way up to his times in slavery, the child (whose name is unknown even to him) was abuse, beaten and tortured by his parents. Living out in the middle of the desert on one of Tatoonie’s many farms, it was hard to call for help or runaway. At the age of 6 yrs, the child ended up killing his parents using his first force power, force choke. The bodies of his parents remain in the tomb, which is their own home. The child would spend a year on his own, hiding in the ruins of a destroyed Republic Venator class Cruiser. At the age of 7, a group of Jawa’s would find him on one of the salvage runs, and would be forced into slavery. For there, he would be sold off and forced to work at Mos Eisley Spaceport, cleaning and unloading cargo from shuttles and Freighters. One day, while trying to escape punishment for stealing food, the young boy would hid away on a unmarked shuttle. Little did he know that the ship was scheduled to take off. Unsure of the destination, the boy would play stowaway aboard the shuttle for a couple months. Acting as a ghost, but would become master of stealing things that no one would notice were even gone. After month’s aboard the shuttle, the boy would find himself on a new planet, Hellifyno possibly even a knew star system. Having stolen a few items from the shuttle,the boy would manage to abandon the ship and venture out. The child would wander the grounds, avoiding any if not all of it residents specially military officials, only to seek refuge at the Red Sun Inn. For acouple of months the Inn would seem to become home for the boy til a group of people, whom the boy could sense where people of his nature, and possible his star system had appeared in the Inn. Unsure of what to do, the boy would approach the group, with a bag of items from the shuttle. Upon handing over what turned out to be a Jedi Holocron, a rare saber called “Darksaber, and a dual crystal doubleblade lightsaber, the boy would be granted immediate entry into the Sith Academy, but due to the death of Darth Centurious, Orion would be placed as an Apprentice under Sith Lord named Asani. From there the boy would train among his new Master, learning fighting styles and the ways of the force. After months of training the boy would beable to make his new lightsabers, crafting two of them in which boy would be equiped on the boys belt at all times. Upon recieving his saber, the boy would also be grant his own Sith attack crusier, named “Reaper”. Even though the ship was large and extremely powerful, and could Annihilate entire fleets, it didnt match up to the power of any of the Sith Capital Warships. While on a patrol through one of the star systems, the boys crew would stumble upon an old Clone Wars Era Venator Class Cruiser which was condemned as a ghost ship. Though upon further investigation, the old crew of the Venator would found in Cryo-pods. Due to a battle between the CIS and the Clones, the ship had took heavy damage and become stranded in the middle of empty space. With no hyper-drive or communications, she would be forced to float in space til she was found, in which the crew would be forced into Cryo sleep til they would woken. Once the crew of the Reaper had released the frozen Clones, a heated fight between the two crews would break out, only for the clones to be overwhelmed due to years of being in the pods. Unable to really escape from the Sith’s forces, the crew of the ghost ship would agree to surrender over their ship and serve under the young sith. With the new addition, the two crews would begin to repair what they could to the Clone’s ship, which would later be called “Ghost” due to the offset color of the ship, and the status it was in before she was found  Though the boy is able to venture off and find a new home, he continues to go back to the Inn. When he ventures planet side, he is accompanied by a group of soldiers, a squad of Republic Clone Commandos. Due to their unique appearances, besides being clones. Deadeye, Trigger, Leadfoot, and Demo all having cybernetic body parts, are trained elite soldiers among the Clones, given the title, Commandos. Upon his last visit, he had met three odd men. Nick Valentine, John Watson, and Detective Sherlock, whom were able to give the nameless boy a nickname of “Orion.” The name coming from a star cluster located in their star system. Enjoying the name, Orion, would take the nickname, but would rely on his Master to fully give him a proper name.
Though he is young, Orion is speculated to be an extremely powerful sith, though his power has yet to be untapped. He is dangerous when it comes using his sabers, due to having to fight off Tusken Raiders back on Tattoonie with a simple vibroblade.
As of lately, the boy has since been adopted by an odd couple, Nick and Jane. With recent events following the young Orion, the boy had drifted from the path of darkside. After months of following orders, which involved him to kill someone affiliated with his adopted parents, the teen would drift apart. It wouldn’t be til after finding out, that there was a plot to have him killed by those that gave him missions. After a meeting with his Master, Orion would learn of his exile from the Sith. Though most Sith Masters tend to kill off their exiled Apprentices, Asani decided to spare the boy’s life but a price. Having his title of Sith Apprentice stripped from him, the boy’s Capital Command Ship, Reaper, would be destroyed and her crew all killed. Once finally departing ways from his Master, probably never to see her again. The teen in desperate attempt to save what it his, would return to Reaper only to find the ship in complete chaos.
With his fleet engaged in combat with Asani’s, Reaper would be the center of attention. With Orion’s several Venator Class Cruisers, whom he had salvaged and rebuilt. With the help of the people from Kamino, Orion was able to Clone more troopers for his additional ships. Ontop of the newly add clone ships, the teen’s men had also stumbled upon a deactivated fleet of CIS ships; two Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ships, six Munificent-Class Star Frigates and 4 Providence-Class Dreadnoughts. With the reprogramming of the ships, and their droid crews, they would provide more units to the teen’s fleet. With the the attention of Asani’s forces set on Reaper, Orion would have no choice but to return to her first. Upon boarding the ship, his former Master’s forces had already found their aboard and already engaged Orion’s men. With chaos unleashing upon the decks of the massive Warship, Orion would fight along side his men in a desperate attempt to keep his men and ship alive. Communications from Reaper would soon break from the rest of the fleet, which would bring chaos to the fleet and send everything in turn-oil. With fire and explosions exceeding from the hull of Reaper, and no communications from the ship, the rest of the fleet rendered the ship a loss and proceed to jump into hyperspace to regroup.
Appearance: Though he is you his appearance plays tricks on those that dont know his actual age. Due to years of being on the run, his hair had grown out and extends to the center of his back. His eyes, which most of the time hide behind his long jet black hair, are a fiery redish/orange color. He wears a pair of black combat boots that adds 2 inches to his height, but his true height is no shorter than 5’4. His face as well as down his arms, legs, back and entire torse, is riddled in wounds, and scars  due to his abusive parents and slave owner.
Personality: Unlike most Sith, Orion is quiet and shyish. He is usually nervous when it comes to meeting new people, or approaching others due to his past. Any discussion about his past is difficult, but if he feels comfortable he’ll talk about it, only certain parts that is. If pushed hard enough, Orion would explode in a full fury of rage, which most of his untapped power would be unleashed uncontrollably. But most of the time, he sits off by himself in solitude, comfortable in watch other people talk and conversation.

My Appearance

Height: 6’2″

Age: 18

Hair: Long and messy with black coloring

Orion has one cybernetic eye and robotic right hand. His one human eye color is orange reddish fire color which was brought on by his anger and hatred from his parents when he was a kid.

Tends to wear dark color robes if not black old Jedi robes and carries on him four different lightsaber hilts at all times.