Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

I blame Dark and brooding women for my interest.

Relationship Status

Alone, in need of a shared consciousness.

My Story Is...

Power is such a delicious feeling isn’t it? The way it trickles down your fingertips huh? That tingly sensation you get in your spine. Imagine filling that void of desire, sexual, pain, Authority all with just a single capsule to swallow.  In my line of work that wonderful feeling fills my veins, I await my next thrill, my next rush of ecstasy, my next void filling deed. Only after the job is done that emptiness comes creeping back but it’s fine cause there’s always the next harvest to look forward to.




Will you join me?


I absolutely despise Caramelized onions

My Appearance

Tall, Dark and handsome? Ooh don’t the ladies just love that?



Not me

Tall maybe.

Seven feet two inches in height so tall is a yes, wearing a tight metalic suit that molds to any shape suiting my interest. Covering my entire body in a Venta black color, sentience was unexpected and not part of the deal but alas. Yes, very sentient with a mind just as dark/dirtier than the wearer’s.

Sometimes he wears black tight jeans with a shirt to match. A large fur coat with neon fluff and several rings. He’s got a lovely set of tattoos on his body marking himself with sigils of power.

Deep grey skin, bright violet hues and rather decent personality? Maybe? Who knows.

Goddamn necromancer man.

Preferred Rp Settings just to give a gist of what I really love.
Mideval, 14th century, Fantasy, Modern.
Something sexy.

Jk <3

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Age: You don’t ask a man his age.

Height: 7’2 (Changes)

Please no one liners


Paragraphs heavily preferred, add some detail and let’s get it going. ^~^

I Believe...

I like you, cause you got that, something that I need, in my life, that I need, so, give it to me.