Orvontis, The Champion-Borne

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My Story Is...

Normally when dragons breed with humans, they take on a faux humanoid form, polymorphing into shape via magic. Steel Dragons, when breeding with humans, have a unique form of shape-changing that yields an entirely human offspring. Steel Dragons, like Silver Dragons, live as humans for their own pleasure. Unlike Silver Dragons, Steel Dragons prefer a far deeper sense of immersion – and may even forget they are dragons until the end of their new form’s natural life.


For a Steel Dragon to forgo the ability to create a fully immersed family life means a great deal. My father, Abraxtilion, the Beloved One, came close to the Reflection and desired to leave a child not with another Steel Dragon, but with his Soul Bond – a High Elf. The result was me; a Half-Dragon with watered down everything, but a fresh take of life from both sides.


My name is Orvontis, meaning soft-shell. My friends call me Orvo, and I like the more cuddly nickname. Ever since I was a child, I have been raised by the High Elves, living a comfortable, natural life among them. I aged slower than even they did, but time was taken and even as my mother fell sickly to old age, the village cared for me.


I was taught the ways of a warrior, befitting of my strength and steel hide. I learned to swing a blade with both grace and strength, and was taught to protect others weaker than myself – doing so fiercely. Most of the elves I knew as a child were gentle beings. Kind hearts were everywhere… yet I was trained to be fierce and face problems more head on. My extended family did not try to ween me of my blood, only guide my strength to a cause for good.


It was not until I met my half-sister – Amanothel – that I learned truly what it meant to be a Steel Dragon. To take on the lives of other beings, to learn from them individually and create a greater understanding of everything. I had been given a new take on the experience, due to my mixed heritage, but she was clear on one thing: I should not forsake the search for knowledge that had been placed upon me by my father – by the Steel Dragon blood that flowed through me and the Steel hide I bore outwardly.


I suppose that is where my true journey began.

My Appearance

Height: 9’10” (301cm)

Weight: 635lbs (165kg) (26 st.)

Skin: Segmented steel plates, scales, et cetera.



Breath Weapons: Line of Acid, Poison Gas



Greatsword, Cask of honey mead on straps, Loin cloth, Short Sword and Dagger made from one of his baby-scales shed during his first molting.