Daesyn Huon




I didn’t choose to be my parent’s favorite. It just happened. I was the youngest and they saw fit to provide me with everything I need.


Full name: Daesyn Huon
Meaning of full name: Beloved River Pine
Nickname(s): Dae, Syn
Age/DOB: A few days, appears over eighteen
IQ level: Very intelligent
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Race: Soulless / Yuki
Immediate family –
Mother: Zaire Blaine
Father: Ezra Blaine or Augustus Giovanni
Sibling(s): Amias Huon, Zenith Huon, Kenna Huon, Rowan Huon
Love life/Orientation: Straight, coincidentally bicurious


Eye color: Red or Yellow/Gold
Hair color/length/style: Black, somewhat curly. Always kept long.
Skin color: Pale
Build: Runner’s Physique
Height: 6’
Other: Has a tail and ears of the same black color of his hair.


My sibling’s don’t really care for me and I don’t really care for them. We keep a large breadth from one another in case one of us goes mad. It’s in our blood.



Weapon: His body is a living weapon due to him being Soulless.
Enhanced Strength: Because of his Yuki parentage, Daesyn has extreme strength. He can lift about 9 times her own weight without strain.

Enhanced senses: Sight, smell, and hearing are all enhanced in both light and dark areas.

Solar Bond: During the day and while in direct sunlight, Daesyn’s abilities are all increased ten times over. He becomes faster, stronger, and more flexible than he would be at night. Also, at sunrise, if he follows the Huon family ritual, any nonfatal injuries sustained will be healed.

Pyromancy: The control and ability to summon flame. He is also immune to normal fire, unable to be burned or even sunburned.

The Barghest: While Zaire has the original “Beast” within her, her children have a more diluted version. This creature gives them a secondary form, that of a massive flaming canine, and also can speed up their healing process if they shift into it while injured.