Who Am I...

I call myself Soul.

Romantic Interests

As long as I can love you and be happy with you, that's all that matters…

My Story Is...

I am Soul. I wander many worlds. I make many friends. I do, and see many things. I… don’t remember where I come from. Or how old I really even am. But… I’m here now.

My Appearance

A girl with color changing eyes. She appears to be around the age of 19. Her hair is long, messy, and black. She stands at 4’10, so she’s rather short. She is also soft-spoken.


Sketchbooks, Journals, Notebooks, And Writing Utensils.

My Secrets Are...

The whispers of the world… the songs of the unheard… none of her own, but she hears many of others.

I Believe...

I just want to live my life the best I can.