Don’t mind the smell. It’s just pheromones…

Who Am I...

I am an unknown experiment that combined insectoid genes to create a Bioweapon but was later thrown out

Romantic Interests

Lady's and gents

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

after being tossed from the Lab from whence i was created i hatched from my egg! now in my nymph form i am very weak and very hungry :3 but i will grow fast and into a beautiful Butterfly like the story Hungry Caterpillar! – after suffering childhood I became a queen and now seem to judge those who hurt me. i do have a step mama named Belle so don’t get to close enemies….

My Appearance

Adult female with the body to match save for her antenna , abdomen, and she’s being inverse colors


I have nothing….yet

My Secrets Are...

I just wanted to be normal….and now I experiment.

I Believe...

that everyone h ad good in them at some point