Hector the Owlbear


Physical Overview

Height: 1 m normally when sitting, 3 m in large form

Weight: 12 kg

Bite Strength: 40,500 N

Cuteness Level: Over 9,000!

Wingspan: 1.3 m



Mice (too yummy)

Hot Temperatures




Bears (real ones, not owlbears)

Foxes (only ones named Ruby)



Personality Traits




Loves Scratches


Immune To

Psychic effects as a result of magic or chemistry

The cold

Getting turned into a vampire or zombie




Shockwave: Hector can emit a shockwave of varying intensity, after charging it up.

Dragowl: Hector can breathe fire, even in space. Maximum range is 20 m.

Who Let the Dogs Out?: Hector can be quite fierce – he can kill more efficiently than a trained combat dog. And he can fly. And he has razor-sharp claws. Don’t worry though, if you give him a mouse he’ll be nice.

Tripwire: Hector actually has a very strong tail. He can use it to suffocate a limb, trip someone, kill small creatures, and whip people hard. It could possibly also be used as a tourniquet.



Floofy Birb: Hector was created in a lab by Brad Tupolev. He’s very loyal to his creator and owner, and loves him unconditionally. He also gets free mice from Brad, which is awesome.



Smol: Hector is 60 cm tall when sitting, and weighs about 2 kg. He’s small and cute.

Normal: Hector, when sitting, is 1 m tall. He weighs 12 kg, and is more efficient at killing than a trained combat dog. But don’t worry, he’s nice.

Large: Hector can grow instantly so that he’s 3 m tall when sitting. His weight is 64 kg, about 140 lbs. His attacks are scaled up as well.

Who Am I...

An owlbear, I think.

Romantic Interests

Geez, I haven't even thought about that yet.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was created by Brad Tupolev in his main lab in Unyly. I was born using IVF, and was kept in a cryopod for a while. Now I explore Hellifyno and Unyly, curious as to what lies beyond what I’ve seen.

My Appearance

My Secrets Are...