Hector the Owl Griffin


Physical Overview

Height: 1 m normally when sitting, 3 m in large form

Weight: 12 kg

Bite Strength: 40,500 N

Cuteness Level: Over 9,000!

Wingspan: 3 m normally, 10 m in large form



Mice (too yummy)

Hot Temperatures




Bears (real ones, not owlbears)

Foxes (only ones named Ruby)




Personality Traits




Loves Scratches


Immune To

Psychic effects as a result of magic or chemistry

The cold

Getting turned into a vampire or zombie




Shockwave: Hector can emit a shockwave of varying intensity, after charging it up.

Dragowl: Hector can breathe fire, even in space. Maximum range is 20 m.

Who Let the Dogs Out?: Hector can be quite fierce – he can kill more efficiently than a trained combat dog. And he can fly. And he has razor-sharp claws. Don’t worry though, if you give him a mouse he’ll be nice.

Tripwire: Hector actually has a very strong tail. He can use it to suffocate a limb, trip someone, kill small creatures, and whip people hard. It could possibly also be used as a tourniquet.



Floofy Birb: Hector was created in a lab by Brad Tupolev. He’s very loyal to his creator and owner, and loves him unconditionally. He also gets free mice from Brad, which is awesome.



Smol: Hector is 60 cm tall when sitting, and weighs about 2 kg. He’s small and cute.

Normal: Hector, when sitting, is 1 m tall. He weighs 12 kg, and is more efficient at killing than a trained combat dog. Don’t worry though, he’s nice to people who treat him well.

Large: Hector can grow instantly so that he’s 3 m tall when sitting. His weight is 100 kg, about 220 lbs. His attacks are scaled up as well. If someone wants to ride him, this is the form he’ll use. Unless the rider is a squirrel or something.

Who Am I...

An owl griffin, I think.

Romantic Interests

No thanks… please don't ask.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was created by Brad Tupolev in his main lab in Unyly, the planet he owns, to serve as a little companion. I was born using IVF, and was kept in a cryopod for a while. He’s my owner, but he let me venture out on my own, as long as I come back every once in a while. Now I explore Hellifyno and Unyly, curious as to what lies beyond what I’ve seen.

My Appearance


Sometimes, I’ll carry a little satchel with anything I need in it. It was a gift from Athena, my father’s daughter. It can store more than you’d think. 😉

My Secrets Are...