Nick Mercier


There will be no sexual (18+) scenes with Nick or any of my other faces, including the Tupolevs. Don’t expect a kind response to a smut request.


Nick Mercier

Height: 5’6

Weight: 164 lbs

Age: 15 years

Hobbies: Cars, science, hockey, and hating on the Toyota Prius

Personality: Nick is a Snowy Owl/Siberian Eagle-Owl hybrid that usually takes the form of a  humanoid creature. Nick is a very well-rounded person — er, owl-person thing. He loved science passionately as a young owlet. (owlet-human?) He was always at the top of his science and math classes, and still is able to bang out high A’s like they’re nothing. In addition, Nick learned to skate at a very young age. He plays minor hockey, where he’s proven himself to be an absolute stud. A tendy terrorizin’, twine ticklin’, hit throwin’, top titty rippin’, absolute beast of a defenseman. Warmie warrior. Full sender. Broad wheeler. (okay, maybe not that last one.) He might seem a little shy and nervous once you first meet him. However, once you take the time to ease your way into his mind and heart, you’ll find a pretty brilliant gem. An intelligent, wise, analytical mind, but also an empathetic, soft-hearted, and adorably awkward personality. If you’re a girl, he’ll freak out if you flirt with him. He might even faint. If, however, you try to lure him into the bedsheets, good luck. He’s simply grossed out by lewd things, and will use any means necessary to fight back and/or escape if you try to force it on him. Anything more than cuddles is too much for the birb.

Abilities: Nick can manipulate light and energy. Of course, since E=mc² is a thing, he needs a source to do it. Mass can be converted into energy, therefore he can take physical things and turn them into energy or light. And vice versa — he can materialize things using any kind of energy, including his own. Keep in mind that he has complete control over it — which includes more than just converting it into different forms. Theoretically, Nick could use the power of stars, light years apart, to fuel a collimated beam of high-energy radiation which could potentially blow planets apart and make their remains radioactive to a deadly degree. That would take immense focus, however, and might not be possible without complete silence and peace around him. In addition, if he’s making eye contact with someone else, he seems to be able to ‘see’ into their minds, uncovering info such as their thoughts at the time or what they regularly think or fantasize about. He can also stun them temporarily with his eyes, which is useful for fleeing.

Immunities: It’s impossible to get into Nick’s mind. Mind reading, mind control, and all other mind-altering attacks or magic has no effect. It’s not known why this is, since scientists refused to pick apart his brain in fear of ruining this immunity. In addition, he’s very resistant to the cold. Attacks that involve cold things (ice, snow, frost, cold winds, etc.) have marginal effects. Finally, fast-moving projectiles such as bullets have a good chance of passing right through him with no effects. It’s said that his body can temporarily phase into higher spacial dimensions, at the cost of physical energy. That’s the most popular theory, anyways. Nick will disappear, leaving behind a small shockwave, and he can reappear anywhere he likes, as long as he has the energy to do so. He has to conciously trigger this, so he can still get hurt very easily if he doesn’t have enough time to react. Of course, this also goes for knives, punches… basically anything that touches his body. It costs energy to do this, so too many interdimensional phases will wear him out until he faints.

Romantic Interests

Women. No lewd.

My Story Is...

Nick was born on a little planet, far away, in the area of space known as the Virgo Supercluster. Narrow it down from there and you’ll find that he was born on Earth. He knew he was different from the start, and later found out that it was because he was engineered genetically to be different. More… owl-like, to be exact. Lots of things were different about him. His soft, feathered body with dense muscles underneath, powerful legs, claws and talons, and most importantly, his big, amber eyes and black beak. But then there was his mind. He got bullied tons in elementary school for being a ‘nerd.’ However, whenever he felt down because of it, his teachers used to keep him inside during recess and have nice chats with him, about all the stuff he liked. They began to get an idea of how gifted Nick was, and although he wasn’t sent up several grades like some geniuses were, everyone in his school community soon knew about it. This came just in time for a confidence boost when junior high hit. When that happened, he broke through the barriers created by low self-esteem and bullying. It didn’t even take him 20 minutes to do a full unit test in math class. It’s safe to say that those three junior high years were the best years of his life so far. To make things better, his hockey skills were finally shaping up to what he wanted them to be. He was becoming a brilliant defenseman. His favourite NHL team was starting to do better, too. Now, Nick is living in Hellifyno. Earth went to crap in 2020, so yeah. Now he’s here. He’s in his first year of high school, the 10th grade. He recently became the youngest draft pick in Hellifyno sports history, being only 15 when he got drafted to a pro hockey team. He now lives in Coeur D’Argent, where his hockey team resides. It’s safe to say he’s still doing great despite the change in scenery.


To this day, Nick hasn’t been told who made him this way or why, but when his life could span hundreds or even thousands of years, he certainly has plenty of time to uproot even the best-kept of secrets…

My Appearance

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The first pics are Nick’s “normal” form. His usual choice of outfit here is a black plaid shirt, made of flannel, and some dark jeans. Or maybe just a t-shirt and some trackpants (the t-shirt is almost always car-related). He leaves his sharply-taloned owl feet exposed in case he needs to defend himself. He also has a feral form in which he’s a literal owl, that pic will be added soon. Just look up a Siberian Eagle-Owl and add the white plumage and amber eyes of a Snowy Owl, and that’s a rough approximation of him.

My Secrets Are...

Nick secretly conceals weapons in some of his cars.

I Believe...