O z r a e l


// As a writer, I am an adult. I roleplay 18+ themes, so I require the writers I make storylines with are also adults. No minors please! Thank you. 

Who Am I...

Fox Demon

Romantic Interests

G A Y —

Relationship Status

Mated and Engaged to Callum; The Pretty Angel—

My Story Is...

A few thousand year old Fox demon from Hell, interested in causing chaotic mischief. Not much else is known about the Hell’s where he hails from or the limitations of his power.

My Appearance

Fox Tails


(Human form shown above and portrayed by Katsuki Bakugo)

My Secrets Are...

• Oz is unapologetically in love with Callum; The Candied Angel.


• Oz is the father of two unborn Nephalem boys(Emrys and Ezran), ‘Mothered’ by Callum


• Ozrael has recently become engaged, having asked Callum to marry him after a small fight between the duo.

I Believe...

Not everything in life sucks—