{- Malik -}

Who Am I...

Malik is a anxiety driven boy that can barely speak to people without stuttering like crazy. He figets with his hands often, though he can be very bright and caring if he'd like to be. Usually, Malik remains quiet in his hoodie. His vision isn't the best, but he can not afford glasses. His biggest dream is to finally find a love.

Romantic Interests

Malik is gay. He loves to have tough guy to protect him or a soft guy to comfort him during a storm. One who can switch between is his dream.

Relationship Status

Malik doesn't have many friends in the real world, though he has many online. He has an ex boyfriend (Cosmo) that soon committed suicide after a scrabble.

My Appearance

Malik has large tusk pointing upwards placed at the side of his mouth. He often wheres a decorated red hoodie with a variety of patches on the sleeves. His eyes are completely black, but he can see alright with a little blury vision. Malik has many freckles running along his cheeks and nose. He has long, pointy elf ears with black ring piercings.