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BowsetteResultado de imagen para bowsette cosplay jessicaBowsette the daughter of Bowser and Peach has come to Hellfino to build her own kingdom as her father did. In doing so she also brought a few of her father’s henchmen to this place alongside her to build her army and conquer everything.

Basic traits

Name: Bowsette

Nick: Bow

Heigh: 5’4

Chest: E32

eyes: blue

status: single

Sexuality: pansexual

Personality: evil

Weapon: Chain wip


Bowsette is a very proud princess that has a power complex always looking to be more powerful just like her dad.  She is very persistent when she wants something she is going to try and try to get it noo matter how many times she fails she is going to stand up and fight again for it. When it comes to love she will be the same she will try and try to make someone that she likes to fall in love with her until that person does it.

Powers & Skills

beastmaster: She can dominate beasts and turn them into her soldiers or slaves.

Tube teleportation. Browsette can stomp the floor making tubes appear out of nowhere and take her in second to where she wants to go.

fire spit: just like her father she can spit fire and balls of fire from her mouth.

Magick pocket. She can pull items like mushrooms and more from it but she can only use the same item once a day.

Pilot: despite everything, Browsette is a pro driver just like her father.

singer: many do not know this but she can sing like a pro.  but even when she does not sings it she loves Metal.

Sports girl: also just like her father she can play almost any sports as good as a pro.


Who Am I...

a Princess