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Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.

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Danny is a sociopathic delinquent with homicidal tendencies since he witnessed his Mother’s suicide when she stood inside a building being demolished by his Father’s construction crew. Ever since that incident back in Brooklyn, Danny and his Father moved from place to place. Seven different schools and the only thing different about them was his locker combination. Danny hated school, the cliques, the work, the students. Danny’s mind was a slew of homicidal ideas, ideas he thought he would never be able to act on. Fortunately for Danny, opportunities arose where he could push the limits of how far he could go with his murderous desires.


Danny accompanied a friend over another friend’s house. Her name was Heather, and she was his first. Heather was complaining about feeling sick and feeling the need to throw up. Danny was more than happy to volunteer to whip her something up in the kitchen to get the vomit flowing. Once he was alone, he searched the cupboards until he found a bottle of dish soap. He poured it into a cup and mixed it with some orange juice and coffee, to not raise suspicion. Danny offered the glass to Heather, taunting her that she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Heather, wanting to prove him wrong, chugged the entire glass before realizing something was wrong.


It didn’t take long until Heather started to convulse, before collapsing on the floor, dead. Danny had pushed the limits of what he could do and he actually killed her. He was a little intimidated by his murder, but he felt something coursing through his veins, something euphoric. Fortunately for Danny, he convinced his friend to make the murder look like a suicide, forging her handwriting and leaving a note next to the deceased Heather.

Curt and Ram were his next victims, two jocks at his school who got on his nerves more times than he appreciated. Danny had convinced a friend to call them both and invite them behind the school for a hookup. She wasn’t aware of what Danny was planning, so she had little concern why he had her call them. Once Curt and Ram both showed up, Danny popped out from behind a tree and shot them with his Father’s Smith & Wesson, killing Ram first. Curt ran and Danny chased him down and fired a round into his back, leaving him to bleed out.


Danny now roams aimlessly, searching for those he deems unworthy to walk among the living.

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Black Trench Coat, Black skinny jeans, black boots, carton of cigarettes, and a worn Colt Python