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|I am afraid of you seeing me as the same way I see myself.|

|Hello humans, I am known as… Well, I’m not able to complete that statement. Im only known as a witch whose soul melted years ago.|


|Current aesthetic: Witchcraft|

Who Am I...

Hikari Akone

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Hikari Akone is a witch who currently practices type 3 magic. She is stubborn and hates for anything to go wrong, giving her the title as a perfectionist by the oracles that taught her to fly a broom.

My Appearance

Hikari has medium-length straight hair colored a pastel lavender. Her bangs are a mixture of lavender and a vibrant gradient of white at the tips. She has fairly tanned skin with two ovals for what seems to be a blush, complemented with a pout. Her eyes are narrow, usually making it seem as if she is disappointed.

She drapes a robin egg blue cloak down her back, covering her chest and half of the rest of her torso. White over-the-knee socks cover her legs white ankle high doll slippers cover her feet.



My Secrets Are...


I Believe...