• @nadialamiapetrova It was early evening when he heard chaos rise from the park. Patch already knew what was happening and couldn’t help but to chuckle to himself while he shook his head. “Oh my little Nadia, always up to something.” He spoke allowed. 
    Leaning on a tree as he watched what was happening at the park, his smirk never left his face.…[Read more]

  • @elizabethmediccaelliptika Patch watched the cottage while focusing on hearing. Since he is a vampire, he can hear much more than a human would be able to. Distance doesn’t matter as long as he was focused. Being he walked the earth for centuries, he was pretty good at it. 
    He heard a female voice while a cat hissed. Smirking, he knew why.…[Read more]

  • @elizabethmediccaelliptika It was a cold breezy night in the enchanted forest. The sky engulfed with a sea of stars as the moon lit the night. It was quiet, all the forest animals asleep. There weren’t any sounds in the forest other than the wind whistling through the trees. 
    In the shadows, there was a man walking silently. His skin glistened…[Read more]

  • Would anyone want to start a group RP with me? We can come up with a story line and a plot and all that wonderful stuff together!I have more time and want to RP with more than one person! 
    If you’re interested p