In 2015, mobile app marketing forever changed the way many businesses interacted with their customers. Not just when it comes to traditional transactions, but by inspiring new ways for small businesses to create value, trust and deeper engagement. From 2015, review the app becomes more and more essantial for sucessful marketing.
This shift to mobile apps for business is driven by device owners demanding ease of use, total mobility, and quick benefits – so in many ways its users who are defining the future of mobile… rightly so!
Clearly, as consumers and device capabilities evolve so do expectations, meaning that poor in-app experiences inevitably lead to quick abandonment and lost opportunity for the business or app owner.

So, if users are interacting with their phones and tablets in ever more personal, immediate and constant ways (average time spent in apps is up 20% in 2014 over the previous year), but are not willing to hang around to be impressed, just what are the key mistakes to avoid when designing your own mobile app experience?

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