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My Story Is...



She hails from the arid lands of Australia…


Stranger —> Lover —> Mate —> Expectant mother


Name: Abigail Philippa-LaurelWindsor.

Nickname/s: Abs (Des), Abbey, RosyTop (Anthem), Red.

Age: 29 {Physically} 225 {Biologically}

Place of Birth: Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia.

Current Residence:  With her mate.

Species: Shapeshifter-Hybrid.

Hair: Unnaturally red waves that tumble around thin shoulders.

Eyes: Emerald green with flecks of gold.

Body Type: Willowy thin with a narrow, waspish waist line, 5’4″ frame and pencil legs.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.

Relationship Status: Happily claimed. <3





My Appearance

Abigail is a small woman; standing no taller than five feet four inches in height and weighing 110 lbs at best. She has vivid emerald green eyes, full, rosy red lips and creamy, moonlight kissed skin. On her right shoulder is a deep, hideous scar – still incredibly sensitive after all these years. The phoenix tears used to heal it did little to cover the damage so it looks like a badly reconstructed skin graft from a burns victim. Her body has been put through the most horrific stresses; the uneasy transition from human to wolf and back again, two pregnancies; one stillborn and the other a self-inflicted miscarriage and severely fluctuating weight issues.


Her choice of attire ranges from the usual t-shirt and shorts, some dresses (though worn only on the rarest of occasions), jeans and jackets, and her favourite forest green cloak; floor-length and lined with buttons in the shape of Fall-colored maple leaves. She almost never wears shoes or socks, preferring barefoot when walking through the grass and earth. Her undergarments are, well, simplistic in nature and kept to the standard black and white color palette. She doesn’t bother wearing jewelry and has no family or heirlooms or keepsakes in her possession (everything owned by her mother was removed upon her boarding the ship bound for Botany Bay).