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Dark Jedi by chrisryder123


All of you honestly thought I was dead? When the Sith Academy fail into ruins by the fierce battle between Empress Vrana Avasia and Darth Nihilus, the empress destroyed the entire academy by hidden explosions, ones that were built in the days of rebuilding the academy fro Destiny Empire attack. My mind drifts from rage, and a mad sense of restlessness. Worst part is sometimes I do not recall my name, and it seems at times I am completely different person. My body may have healed from the destruction of the academy but, have I lost my mind?

My Story Is...

Sora Avasia or use to be known as Aku, the empress personal body guard. He is able to shape shift between human and dragon. As a child he was shy yet curious as a cat to those he knew and towards certain areas. He couldn’t speak very well growing up so he had learn sign language.
He is now 25

Now living on Naboo, Sora and Cyra are making a new life, leaving their mother’s dark past behind them but, never forgotten. Living as the new senator of Naboo, Sora declares himself as a pacifist. Pacifism is opposition to war, militarism, and violence. A related term is ahimsa (to do no harm), which is a core philosophy for Sora.
Cyra Malgus Avasia

Cyra was created partly by stolen DNA (or so was told) and DNA from her mother. Her mother Vrana, wanted an heir to the Sith Empire. Believing if she gave part of her own flesh and blood to the empire, perhaps Vrana would gain great favor among her people, and fill the gap of not having a family that she longed for. Cyra may be seen as the first heir of the Sith Empire but, she does not long to be the dark princess. With her big brother Sora to watch over her, she will have a chance to grow and learn the ways of life. At age 14, Sora and Cyra lost their mother to the dark-side of the force. Spunky yet bashful, courageous yet, inexperienced, Cyra is has a loving heart,  and overly trusting of others, even towards strangers. She holds two secrets, secrets that she is desperately tries to keep hidden. Secrets that can cause her life, and the lives of others to turn upside down.

Tracinya Fett, if you are aware of the last name surely you know her line of work. Mandalorian bounty hunter! She is no princess and likes the extreme, Hover bikes, sniper weapons, jet packs, and anything relating to fighting. Just don’t short pay this tom boy on a job ok? With her mother and father long gone missing, she only has her brother Reeve and her handy-dandy Scout droid.

Master Naomi the Nautolan, when confronted by anger and violence, she will respond in kindness. Master Naomi is the Academy counselor. When approached in a calm, civilized manner, she is often helpful and polite. The lessons she teaches are music, swimming, and Universe Culture. She hopes the younglings and padwans will learn, There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. A Jedi must be circumspecting and try to understand the world that is surrounding him/her.

The Zygerrian Princess, Madall Scintel, once a carefree child with everything she could ever hope and desire. Toys, slaves, traveling far and wide as she please. Princess Scintel even had her own personal flying Brezake named Lucus.  Everything was truly perfect until Count Dooku came into her mother’s home.  While the princess was away on her adventures for exotic pets, Princess Scintel’s mother refused to kill Skywalker, for she had taken a liking to him, and was murdered by Count Dooku. Betrayed by the prime minister and by Count Dooku, the princess took the name of her mother Miraj, and was place on the throne as the new queen. However, the death of her mother and betrayal from those she once trust, which included the Sith, poison the once carefree heart of Lady Scintel… Sith or Jedi, I will enslave them all or they be destroyed. 

Double Jinx (TBA)