Petal Kirigya


My name later name is pronounced Keer-e-guy-ya

Who Am I...

Petal Kirigya

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Petal is a calm but hot headed person
She also has a PhD in trading.
Shes a globetrotter so she cant stayvin one spot for a long time.

My Appearance

Shes a half human, half celestial.
Her appearance is just a regular human.
She wears a black face mask, due to the deseet winds, She wears a dark dusty tobe with a huge backpack, and a dark dust hood to hide her white hair. (Eye color


Shes a trader so way too many things.

My Secrets Are...

Sjes a demigod and no one knows that.

I Believe...

That after death everyone is cleaned of their sins and lives in paradise for forever.