~Piniah Shark DM~


Mermaid SHARLEZE 1/4 Scale Statue - BLUE SKIN

Who Am I...

Shark Mermaid

My Story Is...

Collector and Harvester of rare pearls. Piniah is a Mer Shark and when not busy in the city, she spends her downtime collecting rare pearls and or making adornments for the nobles out of mother of pearl.  Her shown coverings are made from mother of pearl.

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Strings of smaller pearls adorn her smaller fine white braids. Alone the back line of her tail fin are the dorsal shark fins.

My Appearance

Land form:

Obsidian Golem by Canada-Guy-Eh Fantasy Girl, Fantasy Races, Fantasy Warrior, Fantasy Women, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Characters, Dnd Characters, Ice Armor


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My Secrets Are...

Mermaid SHARLEZE 1/4 Scale Statue - BLUE SKIN