Lewis Cosmo Carnegie

Who Am I...

"Your humble railroad conductor."( A very arrogant two sided engineer that now runs and owns the entirety of the Cosmo railroads.

Romantic Interests

"…." (Single)

My Story Is...

(His story is told in a letter from his mother.)

Dear Son,

From your mother,

I am very proud of you Lewis! Remembering the young boy you once were and seeing what you are today. It does bring a tear to my eye!  I know you did not grow up in the best environment and your father and I were not there for you, but what an amazing man you have become!  Im almost glad your father gave up on us.       You have proved your father wrong and followed your dream! I am proud of you son; He would be too. . .

From your mother,


My Appearance

anime girl

Original form (pixel)

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Human form