Stacy BloodFang

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Character Medical Info

–Stacy Bloodfang–




Abitlies:Corruption & Brainwashing Magic

Battle Equipment:Sharpened Steal Axes and Reinforced Iron Armour

Species:Ninetails,Demon & Human Hybrir

Who Am I...

Stacy The Demon Of Corruption

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

•Stacy’s Backstory•

Born on a cold winter night I was given the name of Stacy Violet Everston  to her mother who worked as a house cleaner and she spent most of her days with her mother and sometimes joining her father for court case seen as he worked as a Lawyer but not until one day when Stacy was 6yrs old ,when her Father had cheated on her mother with her step-Mother. myy mother was broken that one of the women who had raised her as a young kid would do this to her and the dirvoce was settled and it went like this:My Father had me from 5pm Monday to 10am Friday and then My mom had the rest of the time and after 6 months of bearing this kind of stuff,I said that I was done dealing with this and ran away to Get a New Life.

After about 16yrs & 6 months,I am now Married to a beautiful women with a adopted mother and sister and my own daughter that will not know of my childhood ever.But some people just wanna see people like Stacy suffer and take away someone she truly loves: Shannon Red

My Secrets Are...

Make a Mistake and I May tell u if u are worthy

I Believe...

That anyone beyond the evil of People like my Father,should be corrupted and brainwashed to a fresh start