plumfrost/cherry stardust/amber

Who Am I...

a black 18yrs.old girl and I like all things cats and dogs

Romantic Interests

One day I shall find that special person and love her/him ( since being bisexual) for ever

Relationship Status

I don’t have anybody but I like some people here

My Story Is...

well I am a squirrel-cat born from the stars it also explains why I am a shemale, my parents are the moon and stars

My Appearance

a beautiful black girl squirrel-cat I have green eyes (can turn blood red if sexually turned on or mad) my hair is coal black and I have a red hairline in my hair and I can turn into a furry, a regular human, or a gigantic green cat beast I am also half demon


my characters:

sugar – a half demon and a half wolf with blood red eyes (taken)

cherry- a squirrel cat  with green eyes (taken)

fluffen- a white kittydog furry with purple eyes (Taken)

darkie berry- a demon husky furry with amber eyes and is thicc as fuck

blueberry- a sheep furry with light blue cotton candy eyes

lollipop- a kittydog vampire Her eyes are fully black

candy- a dark brown dog with white stripes on her ears with white eyes (blind)

marshy/reverse- a a white kittydog with black ears, their body is split into two colors (green and blue) and melts like a marshmallow

Amber- a squirrel cat with emerald green eyes and is they daughter of cherry



My Secrets Are...

I like to be a pony when I am a grown up

I like to hug my teddy bear

I love kiddie movies and rides

usually when I am at restaurants plum tired I would hug a Benz ketchup bottle to sleep or a salt shaker

I Believe...

everybody has a right to be loved