Who Am I...

Kuifly, the glass one

My Story Is...

… My family wasn’t abusive, per se, just neglectful. I was always left in the woods with the instructions “Whatever. Go.. I dunno, climb trees..” His parent would then leave for hours on an end, until, one day, on his 16th birthday, they never came back.

My Appearance

I’m slightly transparent with a blue tint, whilst being slightly more purple on the bottom. I have a small lavender horn on my nose, and teal eyes. A dozen or so fireflies inside me


Fireflies, my bug-net and a journal A picture of our happy family

My Secrets Are...

…. I’m upset, depressed even. Was I not good enough? Did they alway hate me? Was I simply just ‘A lamb to the slaughter’?

I Believe...

That the moon only shines because the dark