Kain WinterWolf


What can I say? Talk to me, role-play with me. You’ll get to know my character Kain and all his layers. Don’t like to give too much information on a character. What fun is it if you know everything?



Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Anyone who isn't a complete prick? and over 18!

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Well. Kain is of large build, standing 6’4 and about 2 hundred something pounds. (Haven’t decided yet) Snow white hair, that’s where his nickname comes from “White Wolf or Winter Wolf” and bright blue eyes, wich grow dark when he’s angry. Kain has several scars, his body isn’t all perfect and covered ins scars, he as lived a hard life, so, what do you expect?

My Secrets Are...

Ask and it shall be revealed.

I Believe...

That people should quit being cruel.