John Kudo

Who Am I...

I'm John! Researcher and pokemon trainer extraordinaire!

Romantic Interests

I'm interested in men but unfortunately it's just me and treeko.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I started a bit later than most trainers. I didn’t start exploring the world until I was 16. I only explored for awhile. I never did battle in gyms so Treeko never evolved. When I turned 18 I got a serious job as a researcher for the network of professors across the globe. They can’t always be away from their labs so I usually catch pokemon they want to study before releasing them back into the wild. I also collect samples such as moon stones so they can study evolution. I’m almost always on the road but I do have a house. Working for the professors pays pretty well! I’m 21 now and I enjoy every day. Things are easy when a job doesn’t feel like work.

My Appearance

I look like a surfer dude even though I prefer to be in forests than on the coasts. I like wearing little necklaces and stuff. I like how they look on me and they make me seem more fashionable than I am.


A variety of different pokeballs. I even carry around a few master balls in case I need to catch any legendary pokemon for study. Besides that it’s various food and camping equipment along with items for my pokemon.

My Secrets Are...

Oh I don’t just go blabbing about secrets. You’ll have to earn them!

I Believe...

I believe anyone can be great.