Likes: The song ‘I want it that way’, anti-depressants, good friends, gingerbread cookies, fights and late night walks in the Summer


Dislikes: Loud noises, blood, being pet (I will tear your arm off…) Any Jojo Siwa song, the name ‘Sherlock’ and Winter


Tell me why, ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

Who Am I...

Bright, the happy cat

Romantic Interests

Uh- Um.. Y-you like me?

Relationship Status

In a relationship with Regalus

My Story Is...

I’m a bright cat with a macabre past, I’m sentenced to a lifetime of smiles, unable to frown. My one and only friend, a dog named ‘Sherlock’, was a mage’s Apprentice, learning in the arts of magic. He always though I was too ‘Grumpy’ and attempted to cast a laughter spell, and.. You can tell how that ended. There I stood, blood on my paws, smiling perhaps even beaming, a mauled dog infront of me. What had I done. I fled the scene and have been travelling ever since.

My Appearance

A white cat with a orange ear with a black bandana with white crosses on it. My eyes are a ‘Happy’ Blue, and my face is forever twisted in a smile


My black bandana and a couple coins

My Secrets Are...

I hate smiling. You’d never know how hard it is, no-one ever asks you ‘Hey, are you okay?’ Because you always look happy.

I Believe...

That the best smile hides the worst pain