Eris Love


“There are hidden things everywhere. Unknowns everywhere. Even hidden within the very fabric of reality itself. And possibly, there also may be something else, lurking deep, deep down, behind everything else, slumbering. I fear that when that thing wakes up and escapes the depths of nonexistence… well, no, I don’t even know what would, or could happen. That’s what makes me so scared of it.”


Who Am I...

I am Eris Love.

Romantic Interests

Males and Females both interest me…

Relationship Status

Currently Single.

My Story Is...

When asked for her story, Eris responds with is this: “Some stories are better left unheard of and unseen. I’d rather write a new one for myself than let anyone see my old one.”

My Appearance

Eris is a seemingly 28 year old woman standing at 5’8, with raven hair she usually keeps held up in a bun. She has dark green eyes and pale skin, and usually wears a leather jacket along with torn jeans and leather boots.


Her wallet, her crappy cell phone, and that’s usually it.

My Secrets Are...

Eris has many secrets, but she is completely unwilling to share any of them except with individuals she trusts.

I Believe...

Fear of the unknown is the strongest fear of them all…