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There are people with inborn abilities. People who knew the language straight away. Beings that enjoy using their powers on a whim. Beings that don’t have to plan ahead to adventures. Creatures, that think, they can get away with destroying half an inn, with saying just Sorry. Beings that have no precautions if Anti Magic missile hits. Beings that will take things at face value. People, that will give up first challenge they are given. People that are drunk with power, and hardly understand what they are doing.

And then, there is Asa.

Who Am I...

An aspiring spellsword wizard

Romantic Interests

Very Magical.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

So this guy. This guy! This! Guy!


This guy first had no name and woke up by on the sea shore of Palisade, south t be exact. With south (Mouth and Ass crack) full of sand, he lied there naked like after a hardcore summer festival, and twice that. But surprise, surprise, the man had achieved the ultimate amnesia, leaving nothing but instinct behind. So, like the savage he was, in search of food, and long journey trough woods, he managed to stumble upon the Res Sun Inn…


There in weeks time he adjusted to normal living, and with help of three people, learned an entire language. Let that sink in. A language in a week. With nothing but body language to help. Turns out this man, ater finding himself name Asa, has a talent for learning, and thus, naturally, in order to help people who helped him, and, well, deal with this world, he became a wizard.


And reading about Anti Magic Attacks, Asa decided to pick up some sword art for good measure, just to be sure, and because guns are expensive. Now Asa is chilling out, mostly in Red Sun Inn, because that is where free food, rooms and friends are, but hopes are for him, to maybe start a small magical service and alchemy business, and maybe earn that sweet Hellifyno buck, to finally buy that thank you gift for Azula. Even if she says no to it.


And of course in between it all, some enemies were made. Being forced to babysit three fauns for a prolonged time, just to let a certain naked mage and a faun daddy to make out, what at first seemed like an unhealthy family dispute. Due to involvement of airhorns, the politics between Stag, Jango and Asa are a little tense, however, Alena, Dracius, Azula and Asa share a comfortable friendship, sharing tips and tricks in their crafts. That elf barbarian swordsman is yet to be asked for a spar.

My Appearance

At this point the man is dressed in a coat, that covers a well made leather west in a shade of brown, hiding the white linen shirt beneath. His hands are embraced by black leather pants, while feet – With dark and sturdy traveling boots. On his shoulder usually is a shoulder bag, filled with items, usually prepared for the plans for the day. His pale skin shows not a slightest growth of hair, possibly showing that he had been purposely prepared for this situation. Cold silver eyes are the most striking feature, while the only connection to his past is a four neatly engraved letters just below his left earlobe: “A.H.I.E.” So far, he has been living to high hygienic standarts, and has no unpleasant odors coming from him.


Since the influx of income, only notable items connecting to events and players will be stated:
4 vials of Jango’s pink powder.
A bag of Alena’s tea for sleep.
A bag of Alena’s tea for stomach pains.
Mono’s monochromatic dagger.
Mono’s interdimensional gem.

My Secrets Are...

[-] Incredible learning capabilities, possible photographic memory. (Apparently Inborn)
[-] High level of analytical abilities and intelligence. (Apparently inborn.)
[-] Appealing physical appearance (Apparently Inborn)

[A] Ability to craft basic medicine and poison from non-magical items.
[A] Moderate fighting skills with a long sword.
[M] Ability to form spells based on non-solid atoms and molecules, including programming a set of spells, that follow  certain code.
[I] (Portal coin) Ability to create portal to a visualized location anywhere in the universe. Acts as basic Twine portal.

I Believe...

that sometimes all you have to do is point things out. Even stupid peole come around eventually.