Intro Video


More often than not we become victims to our internal prisons. Our dogmas. And they manifest into something we cannot even see, nor admit – our delusion. And once reality comes tumbling in our lives, we break like little children, as this truth that we had held onto for years and years, crumbles before our very eyes. This truth now appearing, that we essentially matter nothing. And you are just as equal in our sins as I am. To tell you something of value, truth was what you made. In reality, rock is a rock, no matter how you touch it.


Who Am I...

Techno Mage

My Story Is...

Re-entry log begin:
First day of encounter:
 Welp, Hellifyno greeted me like usual. Turns out the planet was destroyed. Tried to reach some comms, only to receive a distress call. Turns out the sods, carrying an artefact that supposedly was to blame for it, were attacked by bandits. Managed to snatch ten of them, but then the artefact turned out to make people insane and into zombies. Lost two men in way, before I sealed the artefact in a pocket dimension. In romantic atmosphere with Issac we tossed it in black hole. Will answer and ask questions later. Had to carry these fellows in and out of the seats. Is it me, or task forces in this place have turned pretty weak? Way back, we managed to meet a massive aggressive ship. Thank god for radar jammers and a fast corvette. Got away quickly. Either way, we managed to get to Planet II (Personally I think Planet B would be cooler, but who listens to King Gizzard?). Tossed the boys out and went to sleep. Hopefully I can do my experiment there, be done with it and carry on.


My Appearance

Fair gray suit hidden in a black bullet proof vest. Solid hair-style. The definition of ordinary.

I Believe...

we fear what we don't understand.