Serinia Astarte


My mother is a demoness that all kind of things would go to when they wanted to seek out power, or their fate (meaning fortune telling). My mother is a loving, wise, caring person. She is still alive and won’t die because of her immortality. Her name is Felina Astarte. Mother is still alive after the two crashing planets, due to the reason that my father saved her, sending her into space in hyper sleep. 
My father is a powerful warrior demon. He fought in many wars and won a lot of them. My father is very strong, wise, protective, charming, and funny. He is still alive and won’t die either because her shares immortality with his wife Felina. His name is Arnnon Astarte. Now dead, after the crashing of the two planets. Saved my mother in the process, sending her out into space. 

My parents met during one of my fathers war and he seeked my mother out. They fell in love instantly, at first sight and had me.  

My home town is located in a secret place that exists outside of time. This was my hometown until I moved to hellilfyo. I moved to helliflyo because I wanted to travel and see something new for a change, my father wasn’t to found of his little girl growing up and living the nest. My hometown was called black hollowed and its was actually a nice place for demoness and demons to live outside of the gods of death rule. It was peaceful, and dangerous. It was a thrill.  

Who Am I...

Sheeva Astarte

Romantic Interests

None yet

Relationship Status

Single (might stay that way.)

My Story Is...

early childhood:

ever since I could remember me and my mom have been the best of friend then you could ever be. My mother always treated me like a grown adult and expected me to find and figure things out by myself. As for my father he treated me with respect but I had to do a lot for respect. See my father and I are best friends ow but he would try me with tough love so that I could be strong like him since I had not brothers. I use to have a close friend name Cher and we would run around black hollow for the thrill and excitement. We would steal thing and see what other dangerous stuff we could do. Aside from that we helped many people in my hometown because we learned to protect and help each other. This was all good and happy until Cher was hunted and killed one night. I remember the pain the struck my heart as I was told what had happened. That one of the many reasons why I hate hunters.

teen/young adult:

After having my friend die on me I grew a cold thick skin and I grew into a teen through the years. As a teen I went down a dark paths as most people think demons do. I was cruel to everyone and people started to either hate or fear me. I remember my mother sitting me down and having a huge conversation about my fate and path and how it was messsing up my life.  Few years later and I decided to listen to my mothers advice and I got me somewhere in life and in a state of mind. 


being an adult now I still have a lot to learn but I will get there and my powers well they only are growing strong and if not that even more strong then before. After losing everything to the crashing of the two planets, my mood and happiness changed into a attitude of survival and instinct. As my skills grow sharper, so does my motherly instinct because I am with child. After having a miss carriage the day before my baby was supposed to be due to labor I joined the league of shadow. A elite clan of assassins. 

My Appearance

Personality: based on what I have been through I have a little bit of trust issues when it comes to hunters (a lot of trust issues). I’m very charming and seductive. I can be dark at times. I’m ultimately nice, after losing my child I learn to shut everyone in my life out. I became a dark version of the old me.

Class: rich

Look (age):21 (character doesn’t age youth.)

actually age: 25

Height: 5’6

weight: 120 lb





Very intelligent



shape shifting




fire manipulation


very strong physically


hand to hand combat


double daggers of darkness





My Secrets Are...

Hey I’m not telling you, until I know who you are and if I like you as a person.

I Believe...

That every creature (not just humans) has a right to a normal life.