Elena Octavian


Who Am I...

Daughter to one of the most powerful man and woman in history. (Templet Lauren Jauregui)

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Elenas mother was a very very powerful witch that lived a long time. She was leader of the early witches and was help to warlords and kings. Elenas mother met Augustus as they both were raising to power, they developed a small relationship and spent many nights together but went their separate ways as they realized they wanted different things in life.
a few months later Elena was born, her mother loved her so much and wanted the best for her so she never told Elena about her father and Elena’s father about Elena. Over the years Elena grew and grew. She watched her father grow into a powerful man that he still is. Life time after life time she didn’t know that Augustus was her father.
As she was growing from her teen age years she learned most things by her mothers teaching and others by herself.
A few years later and Elena is living on her own as her mother had died protecting witch’s history. In that every witch starts to look to Elena for guidance and Elena pick up on it, becoming head witch. Elena began her journey as the leader of the witches and this put her on the map completely. Every witch, monster, king, etc knew of her and her power. As the leader of the witches in history, she was able to accomplish many things, one of them being the name of her society. The secret witch’s of history became know as “The Sisterhood.” Life as a legendary witch was great, up until the point when the witches found out that she was hybrid and who her father was. The sisterhood was very found of vampires, hybrids or anything else that was a pure witch. To make the matter worst the witches hated Elenas father, so the witches came to gather and decided to kick Elena out of the society. Elena had lost everything that her mother protected and everything that she had known. She would be referred by the sisterhood as an outcast. Something to be kept hidden.



Walking the road of an outcast and outsider, elena was introduced to the wild side of her life. She met her best friend who was a vampire name Neal. He introduced her to the vampire culture and she began to fall for him and the culture she now was in. Years and years later, she had worked things out with Neal. They were good as friends and just that. Her vampire side had came out, connecting with the witch side of her making her feel more like a balanced hybrid.

My Appearance

personality: she is a strong woman and loves to be treated that way. If you are ever enemies with her there is a rare chance that you will make friend with her because she does believe in second chances. She is a very organized girl, but sometimes can get dirty depending on the mood.



Powers gained from her father (Augustus Octavian)

advance necromancy: with black magic death can follow, Elena learned the ways of necromancy, studying and studying until she mastered it. An even after she had mastered the gift, she study more and cakes up with new spells and ordeals.
celerity: with the gift of necromancy that she got from her father she also possessed another one. She is very quick on her toes and it makes her hand to hand combat every the much better.
Powers she gained from her mother

advanced dark magic: most dark magic is limited and rare to possess, but not for Elena. Her dark magic might be the strongest ability she has because of the fact that she learned dark magic before any other. Her magic runs in with her necromancy powers making her a very powerful witch.

telepathy: she can use her mind to control other and enter people thoughts. This adds on to her power for it help when she speaks with the dead. She uses this powers to help many other and when she has to get rid of others from the inside.
prothetic: the ability to see the past, present, and future. She usually see the future more often then the other but when need she can project her eyes back to the past.