Sylvan Wustershire


I am an innkeeper at the Wolf an Dragon inn. and I am a no nonsense, take all comers

Who Am I...

the main character

Romantic Interests

none, but all the wenches adore him

My Story Is...

about the day to day running of the wolf and dragon inn I enjoy what I do. however, I need to hire me some bar maids,

My Appearance

I am a red headed fat toothy man who loves the smell of ale in the morning, and enjoys the company of a fair lass


My coin bag, my trusty dagger mister Gash. my wash rag, my boots, leather pants, and leather shirt

My Secrets Are...

I’m not the cleanest barkeep, but you’ll never know, I once dated a half elf named Maria true-walker, and I stole my dagger off a dead patron

I Believe...

that we all have good inside us, but some of us choose to ignore it.