Prince Of Chaos

Who Am I...

Boss (Leader of a Mafia)

Romantic Interests

I go both ways

My Story Is...

I was born to a Mafia Boss and a Burlesque Dancer in the 80’s near downtown Gotham….I was named Vincent after my grandfather who went on to raise me to carry on the Mafia at age 8 after my parents were murdered by the police. Once my grandfather died I was in charge of the Mafia and eventually became a huge threat to Gotham City, I’m wanted and you may have seen my mugshot photos in the papers, I’m an alcoholic but, manage to stay in shape though I do enjoy my cigars too. I can be charming towards the ladies and gentlemen depending how my mood is. I often ride around town in my black limo in disguise or I’ll drive my own car which happens to be a black 1970 lincoln continental 4 door which is bullet proof and well armored as well.

My Appearance

I stand at 6’5 and weigh 220 (mostly muscle) my eyes are dark green, my complexion is pale, my hair is jet black and always slicked back, I mostly wear black leather, my appearance consists of black steel toed boots, black casual slacks, a black muscle shirt and over it I wear my fancy custom made black leather coat.

My Secrets Are...