Annora Koval


“Welcome to my wonderful home. I hope you enjoy the story of which I am about to tell you.” Annora smiles under her cloak. She giggles. “Just have a seat and relax.” She teleports them into her past and then her present.

Who Am I...

A Adarna.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

There was a queen and king. They ruled over a ancient species of magical shapeshifting beings that turn into birds with tremendous abilites. They had two children. Annora and Anul. After Anul, was born, their mother died of childbirth, unable to handle the pain and blood loss. Their father, in grieving, sent them to different places. Anul was never found, and Annora was sent to a place called Helifyno. A old couple had found Annora as a infant, and took her in. They already knew she wasnt human, and loved her anyway since they never had kids of their own. After Annora’s eighteenth birthday, they gave her a chance to travel. Though she could only shift into a bird, she only knew her healing abilities. So, she set off to find more like her.

My Appearance

Annora has black hair and green eyes. her bird form is of a bluejay with green eyes.



My Secrets Are...

you serious? i wouldnt tell anyone about them.

I Believe...

that i will find more like myself.