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Crown Princess Daphne is the elder daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion, Bloom’s older sister and Thoren’s wife. She is the Nymph of Sirenix and Nymph of Magix (later the Nymph of Domino) and the History of Magic Teacher at Alfea.




Daphne has fair skin, long pale blonde hair and amber eyes. She wears a cyan dress and orange belt with flowery accessories attached on, cyan trousers with dark green stripes and orange on the edges of the stripes. Her stilettos are cyan with orange sleeves. She wears a lime scarf and blue bracelets.




Daphne is Bloom’s older sister, and the eldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino. Before the events of Season 5, she was also the last-known fairy to have acquired Sirenix.




She was/is the spirit of an extremely powerful nymph, bound to the bottom of Lake Roccaluce in Magix, as she was “killed” (actually cursed) sixteen years before the beginning of the events of the show when the Ancestral Witches destroyed her world. She returned to Domino after it was successfully restored in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.




In “The Secret of the Lost Kingdom”, Daphne demonstrates her resourcefulness; solving Bloom’s problem with finding the secret library of Domino by giving Bloom her mask. With it, Bloom would be seeing through Daphne’s eyes and see Domino as she remembered it before it was frozen.




Despite the fact that there is a constant aura of mystery and secrets about her, Daphne was a kind and loving woman, and a devoted sister to Bloom (she willingly sacrificed herself for her younger sister), to whom she acts as a guardian spirit of sorts, guiding her through her troubles with both her magic and adventures, telepathically communicating with her if she has any trouble.




Daphne’s age remains a mystery. No definitive age has been given, and, there are some in-series inconsistencies regarding this detail. When she makes her initial debut in the first season, her spirit is obviously a teen or young adult (placing her somewhere in these ages around her time of her ‘death.’) But a blurry flashback in “Professor Avalon’s Secret” has Daphne sounding like a child when speaking. She also appears to be fairly young when shown in the Book of Fate in the first film.




Along with her age, Daphne’s upbringing and her fairy form are mysterious even if she has been seen to be powerful enough to fly without wings, although that could be because she was a Nymph (however it was never precised whether a Nymph is a fairy form or just a title). Daphne is later revealed to be a Sirenix fairy, although it was still not explained what was the nature of a nymph and how she could fly without wings.




Daphne is not quite emotionless, though often she is portrayed as serious. This is due to the fact that she is only seen during more dire situations. Although, in Magical Adventure, Daphne reveals her more playful side as she acts as a ghost scaring Bloom and in most of the appearances she made, she was quite cheerful and was smiling. In Magical Adventure after Bloom frees a fish she was forced to eat, Daphne appears and tells Bloom that when she was alive she also had to eat raw fish and that it tasted horrible.




In Season 5, when Bloom asks about the location of the ancient Book of Sirenix to Daphne, she is seen losing her calm demeanor out of concern for her little sister, since the dark spell that the Ancestral Witches had placed on Sirenix caused her to become a disembodied spirit and she feared that Bloom might suffer the same fate as herself.




In the fifth season finale, Bloom used her Sirenix wish to have Daphne fully restored to her physical body. Daphne and Bloom were finally able to touch each other. This means that Daphne is finally free to live on her home world with her parents and her little sister at last and she is no longer bound to Lake Roccaluce or the source of Sirenix.




According to the Cinélume version of Winx Club, Daphne was one of the Nine Nymphs of the Magical Dimension: nine all-powerful fairies that, after the disappearance of the Great Dragon, controlled the destiny of the Magical Dimension. She was in fact the Supreme Nymph of Magix, being the last and most powerful one among them before Domino’s destruction and the disappearance of the Dragon Flame. She was apparently an extremely powerful fairy when she was the keeper of the Dragon Flame. Since the episode Betrayed of the first season; Bloom tells Sky that she first saw Daphne on the walls of a temple found at Magix, along with the other Nymphs of Magix, and there was a statue of her in the Museum of Magix.




She was also the eldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion, and hence the Princess of Domino. She might have attended Alfea as a young fairy.




The Ancestral Witches, hoping to claim the power of the Dragon flame as their own, attacked her home world and destroyed it after threatening Erendor into breaking the promise he made to Oritel to protect Domino while the Company of Light was away fighting the witches.


To help protect her home world, Daphne had acquired the ancient Sirenix transformation and, as a last resort to save her younger sister, Bloom – and hence keep the Dragon Fire from falling into the wrong hands – she sent her to Earth; a dimension so far away and forgotten that the Witches could not sense her Dragon Flame.




However, even if Daphne was ready to confront the Ancestresses, they had previously cast a dark spell on Sirenix, and when Daphne tried to defend herself and fight the Witches, the power turned against her instead and turned her into a disembodied spirit.




After this, the final battle against the Ancestral Witches and the Company of Light took place. Oritel and Marion, convinced that both their daughters had been killed, defeated and imprisoned Valtor, who had lied to them that he was the one who killed both Bloom and Daphne, in the Omega Dimension.




They then fought the Ancestral Witches themselves and were able to defeat them and imprison them in the Obsidian Dimension, their birth realm. But before disappearing, the Witches captured both Oritel and Marion, imprisoning them in Obsidian along with them, and a wave of dark energy was released from the realm of Obsidian that turned Domino itself into a frozen place and captured all the inhabitants of Domino and imprisoned them as well in Obsidian


After the destruction of her home world Domino, Daphne’s disembodied spirit went to dwell in Lake Roccaluce near Alfea (perhaps because she became a spirit because of the Sirenix curse and the Source of Sirenix is found in Lake Roccaluce), and she appeared to have lost none of her incredibly strong magical powers, though she is only able to leave the lake to which she is bound for short periods of time because of her damaged connection to Sirenix.




As one of the nine legendary Nymphs of Magix, a former Keeper of the Dragon’s Flame, and a Sirenix fairy, Daphne wields formidable magic. It is assumed that she obtained her Enchantix before acquiring her Sirenix prior to the series.




She owns a mask which is able to summon magical power. She once used the mask to show Bloom what Domino looked like prior to its destruction at the hands of the three Ancestral Witches.




As the Nymph of Domino, she is able to wield all elements, and as an additional power, she can manipulate the Beast of the Depths, a creature who wields power stronger than the Dragon Flame.




Uses of Magic


Elemental Spells:


Flame Spiral


Dome of the Ocean


Dance of Leaves


Embracing Wind


Dragon’s Flame: Daphne was the former keeper of the Dragon’s Flame and was most likely able to utilize its magic the same way Bloom can.


Healing: Daphne has the ability to restore an individual to full health or an object to pristine condition.


Pyrokinesis: As a Domino native, Daphne has the ability to create and manipulate fire at will like her younger sister Bloom. She is able to create flame barriers, summon rapid fireballs, create explosions of varying intensities, and even a silhouette of a dragon to attack her enemies.


Warmth Reveal


Sleep Induction: Daphne had the ability to put others to sleep at will, by simply commanding them to “Rest and be still”.


Flight: Daphne had the ability to defy gravity and propel herself through the air without magical transformations and the aid of wings.


Teleportation: Daphne had the ability to transport herself and others instantaneously from one dimension to another.


Power Combination/Augmentation: Daphne was revealed to have the ability to either combine her powers with those of others or to enhance the powers of others – she combined her spirit and her magic with those of Bloom’s to help her defeat the Ancestral Witches. In this empowered state, Bloom proved to be more than capable of holding her own against the witches, for she was able to fire magical attacks more powerful than what she was usually able to.


Portal Creation: Daphne had the ability to create portals to other locations or worlds – she created a portal to Earth to save Bloom from the Ancestral Witches.


Telepathic-Link: Daphne shares a telepathic link with her sister, Bloom, through which she could contact her in dreams and visions to warn her of dangers and guide her.

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