Henry Swan-Mills

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Biological son of Emma Swan and Dean Winchester adopted son of Regina Mills

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single and happy not intrested Im too young

My Story Is...

I was born on August 15th 2001 to Emma Swan. My father was Dean winchester. However my mother had me in jail and my father had left her to continue on his hunting journey believing that the best thing to do would be to leave emma. They are true love which makes me a product of true love and as a result I have magic. When I was a baby Emma gave me up to give me my best chance. I was only in the system about a week before I was adopted by Regina Mills. That is where I got my name. I was named after my grandfather.




My Appearance

I have green eyes and brown hair.


My backpack, My storybook that has every fairytale in it but its different because every story in this book actually happened.

My Secrets Are...

I have magic, and I’m a prophet. I write peoples stories. I can also foresee the future in visions. I do believe in unthinkable thing and i have the heart of the truest believer.

I Believe...

In fairytales and magic



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