Professor Possibility

Intro Video


Next to her, mad Mathesis, her feet all bare,

Ungirt, untrimm’d, with loose neglected hair

No foreign object can her thoughts disjoint

Reclin’d she sits, and ponders o’er a point

Before her, lo! inscrib’d upon the ground

Strange diagrams th’astonish’d sight confound,

Right lines and curves, with figures square and round.

With these the monster, arrogant and vain,

Boasts that she can all mysteries explain,

And treats the sacred sisters with disdain,

She, when great Newton sought his kindred skies,

Sprung high in air, and strove with him to rise

In vain—the mathematic mob restrains

Her flight, indignant, and on earth detains;

E’er since the captive wretch her brain employs

On trifling trinkets, and on gewgaw toys.


Who Am I...

Fun Scientist, Not Mad Scientist

Romantic Interests

Knowledge, Science, Progress

Relationship Status

Married to Science

My Story Is...


The early life was rather simple – she was a nameless orphan left on the front step of an orphanage during hard times, with too many orphans and not enough parents. She was nameless until she chose a name out of the dictionary, the one and only book available for her and the other orphans to read from – Possibility.


Or Possi for short.


Possi was obsessed with knowledge, believing enough brains could fix anything. She fled the orphanage, found a second home at libraries, traveled around to discover the world around her, and absorbed it all until she was found by interested parties that saw her potential. She was put on the right path, a path that would lead to greatness…


But, midway through obtaining her doctorate, a terrible  mental sickness infected her – Science Related Memetic Disorder (SRMD), also known as Mad Scientist Disease. Her brain became fixated on and obsessed with fringe science. Her inhibitions fell away, her moral compass was misplaced, and her reputation rotted and festered until she had nothing left, not even a promising future.


But… she’s always on the cusp of some new discovery.

My Appearance


Lots of Possibility’s looks are pretty basic. Caucasian human female, mid-30s, blonde hair, blue eyes, and on the shorter side of things at only 5’3″ tall. She’s somewhat broad-shouldered, but still petite, with a strong jawline as well. With her shorter haircut, lack of feminine mannerisms, and clothing, a quick glance would barely notice the light touches of makeup she applies mostly around her eyes, and maybe even confuse her for a guy. Which she’s fine with.



Quantum Entanglement Spatial Teleportation (QEST) Apparatus – A combination of a harness rig, boots, and gloves that utilizes the technology of Possibility’s Gateway (see below) that permits her to transmit herself and other items via large scale quantum entanglement.


Impossibility Gauging Goggles – Protective Eye-Wear that double as full electromagnetic spectrum scanning information gatherers that can determine the makeup and composition of any materials Possibility has cataloged.


Endless Options Gun – A rifle powered by her electric cells, this weapon has many different functions, as it doesn’t fire any kind of traditional ammunition. Instead, it has a:

Antimatter Annihilation Cannon – By producing a beam of electrons and positron (antielectron) lasers and crossing the streams within a directed nozzle with torsion field manipulators, this cannon can send out a carefully controlled burst of radiation and destructive force of varying levels.
Molecular Destabilization Ray – Using torsion fields, Possi transfers pressure and heat directly into an object in controlled circumstances to carefully unbind the molecules holding solid materials together, thus melting the object.

Selective Diamagnetic Projector – A magnetic weapon that takes advantage of the property of a magnetic field to repulse an object at a 180 degree angle in the opposite direction. This works on objects that aren’t inherently magnetic at all; it makes practically any object a bullet.


Endless Options Hand-wear – A pair of gauntlet-like devices that fit around Possibility’s wrist, that can then encompass her entire hands for added protection, as well as unfold a number of tools that she may use, on top of having spatial coordinates for her laboratory, allowing her to access whatever she stores in another location via Possibility’s Gateway (see below).


Overpowered Overalls & Laboratory Coat – State of the art super-fabric, layered with carbon nanotubes, programmed to adapt to situations. They are extremely durable, as they have to be to endure Possibility’s experiments. Not immune to staining.


Subdermal Electroactive Polymer Muscle Implants – Using nanomachines, Possibility has replaced some key muscle groups in her body with artificial replacements, boosting her grip strength in her hands, while also finely tuning her movements to make them smoother, more precise, and faster.


Epithelium Enhancement (Titanium Infusion & Genetic Alteration) – Utilizing gene therapy, Possibility has greatly enhanced the elasticity and durability of her epithelial cells. Though she isn’t completely impervious to harm, her skin and organs can now endure much more punishment, making her resistant to things that would cut or pierce her skin.


Mobile Laboratory – A bus re-purposed so that it functions as both land-vehicle, submarine, and space-faring vessel, outfitted with anti-matter explosion fueled engines, and an anti-matter rocket propulsion.


Possibility’s Gateway – A ‘stargate’ or stable wormhole through which solid matter can pass safely. It isn’t a 2-D hole from one point to another, but a three-dimensional, spherical hole/tunnel that leads from one point to another. Using it, Possibility can reach the solar system and beyond if she has the correct space-time coordinates.


Cyberdroids  – Cybernetic androids with no mind of their own. They stand 3 feet tall and can lift upwards of one ton each.


MOSAIC (Mirror Optic Spectrograph Adaptive Imagery Camera) – A big-ass space telescope constructed on Planet IV. Designed by Possibility, but constructed with Kurai Kishimoto’s assistance.



Bionic Left Pinky – The previous finger blew up, due to a catastrophic failure involving magic and the previously titanium reinforced bones. Full mechanical prosthetic.


Artificial Electrocytes – Modified nerve and muscle cells distributed throughout her body, with a large cluster in her brain and spinal column. At the moment, these cells can in total produce and store around 100 megawatts.

My Secrets Are...

Possibility does suffer greatly from Science Related Memetic Disorder, but will never admit it, due in part to it being a symptom to never admit to your own mental illness.

I Believe...