Rei Rakshasa

Who Am I...

Rei Rakshasa, a member of the Bloodline of the Hell Emperor

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My Story Is...

The first memory that Rei has is being surround in a sea of flames in a dreamlike state his mind was relaying to him the power of the seven daemons that was gifted to him, other than the Emperor only a few members of his family were able to gain an ability.


As a power user Rei was able to benefit from the natural skills all Special Power Users own, the chance to increase and enhance their vitality and life energy through training their power. The main difference is due to Rei becoming a Hybrid with the daemons effect on his body, A hybrid is a person who was born from a Power User and a Rare Being such as an Angel or Daemon and are considered “forbidden beings”. Power Users are due to the changes in their body with their control over the supernatural give their bodies strength far surpassing that of regular people even in their prime.


Hybrids appear to mostly take after one parent or the other, with enhanced abilities, as seen with his ability forming in a Supernatural state. Shutting himself away from the eyes of the public Rei spent his time trying to tame the wild flames of his power, due to his power taking the form of flames his body is unable to burn and he is unable to feel the effects of overheating.

My Appearance