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Qahnaarin is a silent observer. Having made his mark on the history of Hellifyno, Qahnaarin is satisfied and now finds fun in observing the paths that others decide to carve. His presence is an ominous one; however, he will do nothing to directly harm people. If he finds interest in someone, he will interact with them and question them, though this is rare. If one were to approach him, he wouldn’t contest. It gives him the opportunity to question without having to take the effort to approach himself.

Author’s Note: I change the song on Qahnaarin’s profile frequently. If you want to hear some odd things, come back and see what’s here. Also, Qahnaarin’s power is almost so much that it’s hard for even me as the player to remember. I have a doc with most of it written down, but I know nobody would be bothered to read through it all, as it is a ridiculous length. For this reason, I just don’t fight with Qahnaarin anymore, and have tried to work it into his story.

Who Am I...

An old warrior Eldritch.



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