Romantic Interests

None, no one.

My Story Is...

Elane doesn’t quite know what mutation settles inside her veins, sifting and binding with her blood. Has no knowledge of what she is. No one really does, that she knows of.



My Appearance

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Elane’s skin is , what some would say, unnaturally pale and completely smooth. Cold to the touch, with not a single bump upon it. Her lashes long, and curled, curtain bright and silver-emerald eyes.

Her hair is long and curly. Black, with streaks of white running through. Her lips are plump, and prim-rose colored. Soft, bubble-gum pink.

She’s petite, with an hour-glass figure. Lithe, and agile. Tiny, at 5’2, but nimble. Her legs graceful, and quick. Reactions swift.






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My Secrets Are...

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I Believe...

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