Intro Video


Most know the stories. Of a woman cursed to be a bird by day until the setting of the sun or the magic of tears can change her back into her true form. Of a princess becoming a swan and ultimately being betrayed by her love. Or a woman cursed by a jealous man to live as a hawk while her beloved is human, and human while he is a wolf.

But what if they weren’t the only stories? What if there was another story? What if a bird was granted the ability to turn human and was dumped in another world to protect it from poachers?

Who Am I...

Have no name, Am bird from deep within untamed jungles. Yes, pretty little birdy with feathers green of trees, blue of sky, black of night, and red of setting sun.

Romantic Interests

What love?

My Story Is...

Flying. Freedom. Sky above and ground below.

This was life.

Then *mimicked shotgun noise*! Man thunder. Thunder killed mate. Collected as prize. Thunder hurt birdies.

Shaman save us, help change us. Send through shimmer sky. Am still birdy? Or am man? Am now alone. Sad birdy.

My Appearance

Instead of green hair and eyelashes, upon closer inspection it is the barbs and accompanying barbules from her natural form’s head feathers. Light olive green eyes study things curiously, taking in all the surroundings. Her skin has a slight iridescent sheen on her face and close to her hair feathers before fading into a sun warmed complexion.

Upon transforming, her clothing matches that of her vibrant plumage – Black leggings paired with supple leather boots. A cerulean shirt ends just below her waist paired with a contrasting crimson coloured vest. Atop it all, a tailored tailed jacket, the color matching her iridescent green head feathers.

A neotropical bird hailing from the untamed rainforests.

Natural bird form

With Shaman.


No items. Birdies no need. Has sounds! Many many sounds.