Rorschach – The Smoking Barrel


Special Abilities :
“Life Steal” – Applies the remaining years of his kills life onto his own life span.
“Armoury” – Summons a lot of guns out of portals that can be fired using magic.
“Charge” – Fills a round or several rounds will magic, increasing effect.

“Envy” – Steal a curse, hex or talismen & transfer it to himself for a fraction of the effect.

Who Am I...

The Western Version of Gilgamesh basically

Romantic Interests

He's up to try anything at least once

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Rorschach, more commonly known as Rory, was born on a planet somewhat similar to that of Earth, though there were many differences; for example the Cowboy era lasted thousands of years even through technological & magical evolution. Rory saw a lot of it having lived longer than 40,000 years thanks to one of his special abilities “Life Steal.” During this time he learned gun magics & was a renowned gunslinger across his & neighbouring planets a like with the title of the Smoking Barrel.

Eventually, after about the first thousand years he ventured out into the worlds above, travelling from planet to planet, system to system, even jumped between universes once or twice. He finally landed on Hellifyno after his travels & settled on the planet to potentially call his home.

The 39,000 years in between? Well you’ll find out if you put the work in to know.

My Appearance

Refer to Profile Pic.



Stuff thats nunya business.

My Secrets Are...

for me t’ know & me alone.

I Believe...

Survival of the fittest is dumb, the strong exist to protect the weak.