Sierra Hakisuru X Cassindra

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**Character Info**
Original Full Name:
Sierra “Rachel” Hakisuru

DOB:April 21st

Species:Neko,Dragon,Human Hybrid

Magic:Rebirth & Soul

**Side Character**

Original Full Name:

Raiga “Everston” Singetail



DOB:March 21st

Species:Neko,Dragon Human Hybrid

Magic:Aging & Trauma


Who Am I...

Daughter Of Silver/Cassindra The Child Of A Star

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Eachother

My Story Is...

**Main Character Story**

Same Kind Of Birth

When i was born like my sister Alyssa was, bedridden for weeks has the doctors had to fix my bone structure as I was a Neko & Dragon Human Hybrid however it was only Stablizing thing and I need at least a weekly massage

Everything But Summer

As a Young Girl, I liked the cool and cold seasons. So my Body Normally over time as i give the dead Ceatures around me Rebirth Tail became used to the cold and warmed others when wrapped around them as it is a Nature blanket to me

Meeting Xavier and Myles

Alyssa had always looked after me, till June 10th 20XX I meet my younger brothers:Xavier and Myles right beside my Mother’s bedside.

Alyssa decided to keep taking care of all of us since that was her job as an older sister and now i had help, so I took care of Myles while she does Xavier and he considers me his bestie..(Well Formerly, now me and Xavier are close)

Two Sides Of My Family

After My Mother suffered death from self-isolation and “The Emerald Plauge” with no cure at the time, Me and Myles begin to fight with Alyssa, so we decided to run away with Mr Fyzenguard while my father went insane and Charlotte kinda babysat Xavier (Embarrassing..)

Alyssa’s Clan or Snowy Glorious!

That Night when Alyssa found me howled words at me, saying she needed my help with the younger slibbings, I told her I should go after Myles. She suggested that I should take one of the clan miltaries but I said no even though she just wanted me invovled with the clan (I was a bad sister to her)

During the Trails, What is Passed down?

While my mom was unknownly talking to us through the blades and dealing the trails of the Arch-Heavens, Alyssa got the clan and a past family purchase, I got Custody over Myles (I don’t understand it, I was 11), Xavier got keep mom’s artifacts since he was the only one who could. Myles..I don’t what he got..

Cheating Death Parent

After my Mother passed, my dad kept on dying and coming was what separated me and Myles.

He ran off with Alyssa’s Bf’s sister:Melody (Something)

Mom trying to set the family straight after the void

After we all had retreated from the voidish Hellifyno, Mom came back to deal with Dad and try and put us together. Soon we got our grandma back after the war [Post-Gemival War] soon mom and dad dealt with a dirvoce

Marriage, Kids and College

Now this Century is almost over, Cassie and I got married..had Danielle and Levin. I attended a college that helped me with my presistress career and getting invovled with the clan.

Help with the children

Now we’re trying to inlist help with them, since we’re both busy and don’t have time to teach them.

While Cassie tries to relive her mother, I need to fix things

**Side Character Story**

Test Tube Supported

When I was born on March 21st,I was born without my mother or father so I was left with No One but there families so I was taken in by Orion who would later become my Combat Trainer appointed by my grandfather:River Singetail

Half-Sister Of My Mother adopts me

So My Aunt Sarah Pheonix (AKA The Scarlet Pheonix) who was a musical celebrity at the time,Decided since she can’t produce her own children why not adopt me and that’s exactly what she did

Ilona’s Values

My Aunt Sarah always had found it sickening how people adopt kids to raise own there own personal values but she decided that everything my Mother and what she wanted me to do would be passed and pressed onto me

A Choice

My Aunt said that my Mother probably won’t mind me changing my name since it wasn’t something I liked nor was I respected.

So I got my name changed to Cassindra “Rosemarie” Pheonix,I choose Rosemarie since I does sound like Raiga and I wanted to keep my mother’s essence.

The 1st Endradgor Blade

After I changed my name I decided that I wanted to start Ballet & Combat classes as side ones so Orion designed me a knife sticking out long blade called a Endradgor one and then I got taught in the art of Wear the opponent out.

Amniski Ring-The 2nd

I evenutally got the Ruby Ring Of Sky’s from my mother’s inherency, Which strengthens my side abilities and adds onto my skills. However this was also the Dad,I founded a small Mountain side called Ilona Peek.

Meeting Sierra <3

Around my 13th birthday,I met a girl at my party who went by the name of Sierra Hakisuru and was a month younger than me. So I evenutally coffessed my feelings to her a few months after we got to know each other.

Now we went Attend a college together and are expecting twins-Daniellie & Levin

My Appearance

**Main Character**

Brown Winter Sweater
Sky Blue T-Shirt
Black Sweatpants
White Socks
Eye Color:Blue
White Neko Tail
White Snow Hair

**Side Character**


**Main Character**

My Wakizashi Katana w/ Grandfather’s Blade Handle turned White

**Side Character**


My Secrets Are...

Shoo! They ain’t yours to know if I don’t want u to! Shoo!

I Believe...

That there is hope in the darkness and deepest times