Sierra Hakisuru

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–Character Info–
Original Full Name:
Sierra “Rachael” Hakisuru

DOB:April 21st

Magic:Soul and Rebirth
Species:Neko,Dragon,Human Hybrid


Who Am I...

Silver/Silvia's Daughter

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Same Kind Of Birth

When i was born like my sister Alyssa was,Bedridden for weeks has the doctors had to fix my bone structure as I was a Neko & Dragon Human Hybrid

Everything But Summer

As a Young Girl,I liked the cool and cold seasons. So my Body Normally over time as i give the dead Ceatures around me Rebirth Tail became used to the cold and warmed others when wrapped around them as it is a Nature blanket to me

Meeting My Baby Brother

My Older Sister had always looked after me till the day I meet My Brothers:Xavier and Myles.But Alyssa decided to keep taking care of all of us even tho i could handle myself and take care of Myles while she does Xavier and he considers me his bestie

Two Sides Of My Family

After My Mom Lost her life to A Unknown Plauge with no cure at the time,Me and Myles begin to fight with Alyssa and Xavier but then our father found someone else to love who had a daughter which was good news to me cause Alyssa & Xavier had Aila. Me and Myles could become good friends with the other girl but then things went South when my Father went insane..

Separtion & Betrayal

That Night,Alyssa howled words at me that won’t understand because Myles had run away. I told her that Dad never broke mom’s promise but she tried to tell me that I was supposed to be her Head of The Hageshi Clan Space Agency but I declined and told her I’d rather be with Dad instead of listen to your drama callings.

My Mother’s Will

A couple years ago,my mother signed a will saying that our armoury was to be spit up among her children and that they had the choice of staying with either our father or God-Parents and I choose my father because I had his hair..and I felt bad for him

A New Home

Myles has returned and we are waiting on our father to change our names to his Orginal but we are now definitely gonna try to be close to Mom’s side of the family but not to close because to be honest. I’d like to take the title of whatever my father gives me and allow him to love who he wants to..

Not Losing,Even When It’s a Cold Time

The Family Started to Cut and Spit More,My Father & I decided to stay away from the Drama and Help when really needed as he gained they abitlity to give me a Mother Figure.Once Myles learned that i hadn’t changed my views on Dad.He Left Me alone and kicked me outta his life so now I’m just losing my strengthen waiting for My Father to pick up the broken pieces and put them back together



My Appearance

Brown Winter Sweater
Sky Blue T-Shirt
Black Sweatpants
White Socks
Eye Color:Blue
White Neko Tail
White Snow Hair


My Wakizashi Katana w/ Grandfather’s Blade Handle turned White
Messager Bird-Snowette


My Secrets Are...

Shoo! They ain’t yours to know if I don’t want u to! Shoo!

I Believe...

That there is hope in the darkness and deepest times