Who Am I...

Hello, I'm Raelyn. I guess I enjoy sleeping as well as eating -_-

Romantic Interests

She likes funny people who like anime and are a bit weird like her!

My Story Is...

She grew up in a rich family in which she could practically buy her way out of anything, yet she doesn’t need to, she doesn’t really work hard either but still manages to be good at whatever she does.. She’s always been better than her siblings but never rubbed in their faces, she’s pretty humble and VERY lazy..

My Appearance

Pale-like skin color, with long black shiny and soft black hair (usually tied in a high pigtail or low, or maybe in two buns with bangs). Usually wearing dark clothes whether it be formal or casual. Black eyes (would change color but it rarely happens). Slightly pink-ish lips, and four ear piercing (two on each ear). With nails that have black nail polish (not acrylic).

My Secrets Are...

I’m a Kitsune (Although I’m able to hide any sign of it)

I Believe...

The key is working smarter, not harder..