Raelin Wolvarian Stryder

Who Am I...

I am a grey elf, though my looks are nothing like them. My name translates loosely as "Fire-brand, Half-blooded one". Named for my hair and my utter lack of fitting in

Romantic Interests

Someone strong and quiet, who can race through the woods with me and sing to the birds.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was the only child born to a woman with less than great morals and a loose side. My entire clan lives in the upper mountains of the planet Caran Pinnath, hidden among the trees until our enemies, the Agaryulnaer found and destroyed all of us. Luckily enough, the strange wolf who’s been following me for a while was able to rescue me and take me into the strange, foreign worlds.. sweeping me into a bar and then to his home. I only hope that his plans remain benign, even with my knowledge of his shifting abilities.

My Appearance

Unlike my tall, thin clanmates with silver hair and amber eyes.. I stand near five foot three, my hair somehow mutated into a bright red color and my eyes an ugly blue. I consider myself lucky that I wasn’t born much larger, though somehow I can’t get rid of my growing breasts and hips that are so unlike the other elves.

My ears are, of course, pointed, but only slightly so, with matching features and tilted eyes. You’ll never see a grey elf without a cloak and I’m keeping with that tradition, though I’m stuck with a used, blue cloak while others get new armor and cloaks every year. Otherwise, I tend to wear leather and hides to help protect my skin in conflict.


Treasured bow and arrow, some silver coins but not much else. That damn wolf nabbed me before I could grab anything else.

My Secrets Are...

I’m afraid of my differences, my dreams of fire and death and this endless feeling that I’m searching for something… or someone.

I Believe...

That even though I'm a lesser being to grey elves, I'm a much better one than any other race.