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    Raen was sitting in a tree, polishing her sword.

    • “raen?” loki called, looking around, calmed look across the pale face

      • “Yes father?” SHe called down from the tree she was sitting in.

      • ((okay so Loki, it’s SAYING you responded in notifications, but I don’t see the reply D: )

        • (i see the notifications, but i have to go in there myself to check them, i cant press on the notification who takes you there, no. i have to go there myself. really annoying really. amn i hate the new things, why cant it be as it use to be, i know many who stopped using this page becuse of this update. sorry for the rant…i will keep on the rp)

          He look up in the tree, looking at her”we are getting guests from the light elven kingom. i just wanted you to know not to send drogo at them” he say calmed.”they have been invited here by odin to discuss what the ark elves did and other political stuff”

          • Raen sighed lightly and hopped out of the tree.”Please don’t tell me I must wear a dress and act like a perfect little princess for this.” She pleaded.

            • “did i say that?” he say asking and has arms crossed, looking at her “no, i want you o do your work as a guard” he say calmed “keep the elves safe while they are visiting us. i wish you to do that cause i trust you the most”

            • Raen wrapped her arms around her father tightly, her sword now stowed in its sheath.”Thank you father. I won’t let you down, I promise!!”

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