Who Am I...

Wandering Troll

My Story Is...

What would you want to know about a Troll everyone thinks that all trolls are bloodthirsty murderous raving monsters that love killing and ripping apart, families oh  your still here then I guess that you really do want to hear my story well I was born into to the lord of deaths army I was strong even for a troll part of the reason would be is that I am part of the feral tribe yes one of the most deadly and the most animalistic tribe it was easy for me to crush my opponents into a fine bloody pulp or maybe rip the limbs off something that was annoying me, yes I was a true feral troll and when it was time for me to go through the lord of deaths trial that all trolls and orcs go through I aced it with flying colors what was this trial you might be asking well I had to track and kill a group of pure knights after that I spent my years flying through the ranks of the lord of deaths army until I reached the position of ultra captain I won’t go into every kill I ever had lets just skip to the year 1561 year of Nay I was the strongest and most feared Ultra captain to ever live but I was lossing my joy that I found in killing I was starting to pitty those that fell at my hands until one day me and my raiding party was destroying another village putting it to the flames when one of the orcs came out of a burning house holding a little girl by the neck with a look in his eyes that I knew all too well he threw the girl down he raised his arm with a battle ax in his hand to this day I still don’t know why I did what I did I saved the girl and then killed everyone who was in my raiding party nowadays I travle with the girl I saved she ten now she was five when it happens she calls me Retter she says that means savior She is my redemption now I do whatever I do to protect her

My Appearance

twelve foot eight large build deep green very thick skin my chest back and the parts around my face is covered in thick brown hair my eyes are a deep yellow with small black pupils white crooked jagged slightly yellow teeth my nails and toenails are yellow and caked with dirt I have a very deep voice the only item of clothing I wear is a ragged deerskin kilt with skulls attached to it I have a black mace hanging on my right side and a makeshift cannon with a strap strung across my back


Black mace and makeshift cannon

My Secrets Are...

I will die for Nia and that my skin cannot be broken due to having extremely thick and harden skin if anything happens to cause me anger I will go into a berserker rage increasing my strength speed and endurance by ten

I Believe...

everyone has a chance to be redeem