Commander Xavier

Intro Video


  “This We’ll Defend “

– US Army-

Who Am I...

A US Rifleman and Marine/ Commander and devil dog

Romantic Interests

Eh while people in my time looked down on same sex couples I'm not rather picky really I loved them no matter what species or gender.

Relationship Status

Had a few girlfriends but they were abusive to me.

My Story Is...

So you want to know my story huh? Well I’ll tell you..I was born on 1921 on June 12th and was raised in a military family and wanted to do my part to support the age 18 I signed up for a infantry unit but my performance impressed my superiors and they put me in the 3rd Marine division when the second world war broke out and I fought in Germany and was promoted to Commander after fending off a battlion of german soldiers.. but during a ambush I was knocked out by a nearby explosion and woke up in a forest with all my gear and equipment and now I just roam around hellifyno helping people out.

My Appearance

I’m 5’8 ft tall with light purple eyes and brown hair and fair skin and a rather fit build with various scars and wounds from fighting.

Uniform from being a Rifleman
Uniform when wok up in hellifyno

US ranger


M1 garand

M1 Garand

Other guns

Thompson M1A1

Thompson submachine gun


Colt 45 handgun

Smoke grenades

Fragmention grenades

Combat knife

My Secrets Are...
  • Bunny lover
  • Excellent marksman
  • Is strong enough to take on a bear
  • Compassionate
  • Was a mechanic
I Believe...

In protecting my family and country and others who need help.